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The Girl Who Feared Apples

((A really short drabble I did on an outdated writing contest, enjoy. Please R&R.))

Amanda Newton was perhaps one of the craziest girls on the planet. Most people are scared of spiders, snakes, or bees, but not Amanda for her fear was apples. How anyone can be afraid of harmless little red apples is beyond me, but you see my dear reader, the fact remains that Amanda really was petrified of the little red, gold, or green fruits dubbed apples. Most people were so wierded out by her phobia to the point that they continuously avoided the girl who feared apples.

Amanda did not like this, but she would have rather had no friends than friends who constantly teased her by shoving apples in her face. Once a while back, Amanda had a psychiatric incident where someone sat by her on the bus and started eating Red Delicious (A/n-type of apple) apples.

It had been a hot June day on the last day of school when it had all happened. The bus was as stuffy as ever, kids were packed three to a seat, because more of the kids had gone than usual due to the promise of fun activities at the end of the day. A lot of the kids had been too busy talking in loud bursts to each other, listening to iPods' or old outdated CD players, doing homework late, or reading a book quietly, but not Amanda. Amanda had been keeping her head down, her curly auburn hair falling shyly over her heart shaped face thus obscuring her sea green colored eyes. Amanda had not wanted to take any chance of seeing the devil's fruit- aka: apples. Thus, she was more than creeped out when a plump, pale kid with greasy orange hair and a juicy red apple in hand, plopped down right beside her.

"WHAT ARE YOU EATING? NO. PUT IT DOWN NOW!" Amanda screamed with all her might as she flung up out of her seat, dropped her IlovePony lunchbox on the seat, and sprinted towards the back of the bus all the while screaming, "Bloody murder, bloody murder the apples are going to eat me!"

All the kids on the bus erupted in laughter as the bus driver stopped the bus, and promptly asked what all the commotion was.

"Apple freak, over there is afraid of apples, "mouthed a girl who had pretty blonde hair and blue eyes. The bus driver shot a disappointed look at the blonde before he turned back to face the rest of the students.

"There will be no calling people freaks on this bus, okay? Some people just have strange fears, okay?" The bus driver bellowed as all the students solemnly nodded back at him.

After that Amanda got help for her phobia, and now is a normal healthy teen. Well sort of… her parents just found out Amanda also has a hidden phobia for…computers.