Chapter 5

So let me start from the begging. First of all I don't know where the beggining is. Well Ambrosine is my mother, she is the leader of the dark sister hood of the moon, she is immortal and she doesnt remember me. I am the only girl born to her. How do I know that? I some how just do. By simple logic it means i only have brothers that I don't know about and since my mother is immortal she could have had son a hundred thousand years ago. It sounds very weird, i agree. My dad died when i was just born. The dark sister hood of the moon killed him (exept my mother who didn't). That is because it's the dark sisterhood of the moon. That meant that if any of the members of the sister hood that interfiered with men would be punished and if the man was found he would be killed. Guess what? The found my dad. They sniffed him out like dogs.
Wright now I wanted to dissapear from Earth. I heard foot steps in the wind (I have addapted to that abillity) and spun around. Mike was standing in his black hunting trousers and jacket. He was wearing leather boots. He usually doesn't. That made me wonder about a certain thing.
' why didn't you tell me?' he said
'Nothing much to tell.'
'Is it some kind of secret? Am I not alowed to know? I have known you since you were four months old, You can trut me.' it is true. His mother took care of me because my "mother" left me in the woods by a blackberry bush. What a mother. Mike's mother was colecting berries and then she herd me crying. I hadnt had food or water for weeks. To be honest she saved my life. Mike was like a very close brother. Now I felt guilty not to tell him. I remembered every moment of my life before his mother found me. So I dicided to tell him every thing from the start.
' Ambrosine is my mother. You probably know that now. She is immortal. Thats what her name means. Remember when your mother found me? Under the blackberry bush?'
'Actually no but yes. So?'
'My mother left me there because she was protecting me.'
'From what? You could have died. She left you with noone, with out food or water when you were 3 and a half moths old. How is that protecting?'
'Its protection from the sister hood. Because i was that young they could have killed me because i wasnt at the moons age.'
'Excuse me? did you just say you werent at the moons age?'
'Yes i did.'
'Please explain.'
'You see its a moon thing. The sister hood belive that only peaple who have learnt to respect the moon are not protected. Its like a Goddess-of-the-moon thing. I don't exactly believe in thing magic side of the moon thing but I have learnt to respect the moon so they can't hurt me. Its like a law, If you kill some one who has reached the moon's age go must be pnished by death. Thye belive that when you have learnt to respect the moon, you are protected by it. So if you one of the respectors of the moon, the moon punishes you.' I explained.
'I'm going to pretend that i under stood what you just said.' he said and laught. I tried to pul a smile but I was too worn out from shouting at my mother.

Is this a good place to start a new chapter? I guess it is...