I Was the Girl in the Mirror

Her hands and clothing are drenched in blood.

A smile on her face,

And a knife in her hand.

She looks at me on the ground,

as I lay there with cuts on my body.

She smile's at me with pain,

But smiles with insanity.

I can see she's in pain.

I can see that her pain has driven her insane.

She has gone mad with sadness.

She smiles into insanity,

as she lost her way.

As she stands over my cut and bloody body,

She raises her knife and cuts open my chest.

I yell in pain,

Hoping someone would hear my screams.

Hoping someone will save me.

She takes my heart and rip's it out.

She laughs at the site of it.

She drops it to the ground with no care.

With what last breath I ask why.

Why did she choose me?

Why couldn't I have lived?

She laughs at what I say,

and looks at my heart as it slowly stops to beat.

She stares at my heart,

For what seems to be forever.

She looks at me and replies.

"Because its to late to save us!

To late for both of us to be saved!

For I am you and you are me!

We are one that could never be!"

As I realized who I was staring at,

I realized that I have taken my own life.

Taken my own life before,

I have become the girl in the mirror.

The girl who has lost her way!

The girl who has gone insane from the pain,

That took over her.

The girl who cried at night,

And the girl who has lost her mind.

I was the girl in the mirror,

And I was the girl who lost her way in life.

Only hoping someone would save me,

Before it was too late.

But now,

I was the girl in the mirror who took her own life.