In the beginning, when the earth was created-

God was there.

In the garden, at the moment of man's sin-

God gave them hope.

When the floods rushed through the earth and stirred the Noah's ark-

God kept his word.

When Job was tempted at a Satan's hand-

God proved his faith, and rewarded Job's.

When Moses lead Israel out of Egypt at command-

God parted the waters and took over the leading.

When Jericho's wall came tumbling down-

God watched over those loyal to him and his people.

When David fled from Saul-

God hid him.

When Elijah ran from Jezebel-

God strengthened his faith.

When Mary was visited by Gabriel-

God was with her.

When Herod searched Christ out-

He was no match for God.

When the Pharisees tried to catch Him in His words-

Christ gave showed them a truth that should have been heeded.

When He hung on a cross for us-

Death was of His command.

When He rose again on the third day-

Death was destroyed.

When Saul refused to believe truth-

God changed his heart, and his name.

When Paul was stoned to death-

Christ proved that he still was not finished with him.

When Nero took his rule-

God's children were never alone.

When every one that came to power and desired to destroy His word-

They discovered the One with the real power.

When I realized that I was lost-

I was given the path to life.

And when I got up this morning-

Christ was with me.

And when I take my rest again-

He will still be there.

And one day when all shall pass away-

He will be there, and so will I.

And when I kneel at His feet-

No other joy I have ever had, could surpass mine at that moment.

For even a fool can see that history, is every evidence needed of His story-

And that the presence in the heart of God's child , is every evidence needed of His plan.