Less than 11 hours ago, something from space hit outside Monclova, Mexico. No one knows what it was; it burned up pretty quickly when it hit Earth. All we know is that in less than 6 hours later the whole of Mexico was infected. It then reached up towards the US and Canada. Most major cities have been quarantined off or destroyed. I'm now getting reports that the virus has hit Brussels; I'm driving there right now. My wife and son are in the back seat. If the reports are true I'm not letting them die in The Hague while I'm here in Brussels. When I arrive at the city gates, I cannot believe my eyes; I step outside my car and behold the destruction. The city is grey, the buildings are empty and the streets are silent with death. My wife calls on me 'Xavier, what's wrong, come back' as I stood looking at the hopelessness of the city, her words finally pierce through me and I begin to walk back to her. My footsteps fill the void echoing throughout the city outskirts as I walk back. I see the horror in my wife and sons face as they look on me. 'Daddy watch out' my six year old son screams. I turn round to the shock of 3 armoured vans zooming past me surrounding my family and me. An army of bio-hazard suited men exit the vehicles aiming their guns and screaming

'Are you infected? Are you infected! Do you understand me?'

He spoke in Dutch so I replied in Dutch

'Yes I understand! We are not infected! My wife, my son and I have all been tested; I'm here with the World Health Organisation to report on the Virus'

'Where did you come from? How long did it take you to get here?'

'We came from The Hague, Netherlands it took us roughly two hours to get here'

'Well, you're better off coming with us, we have a quarantined zone in a community centre downtown'

I look over to the car where my wife and son are ' Lotte, Stein, c'mon we're going'

When we reach the school gates the bio-hazard man points to the front door 'If you would like to go through their, we have doctors who will need to re-test you for safety reasons'

I stop my wife 'Lotte go through with Stein the now, I need to make a phone call to The Hague'

'Okay sweetheart I'll see you through their'

As I begin to dial the number in my mobile, screams of hysteria are heard inside. I turn round to see crowds of people including my wife running to the front door. I swiftly close the door and lock it. My wife bangs on the glass window of the door

'Xavier what are you doing!'

'The infection is in their I can't let it out'

'But you know I'm not infected!'

'But you might have it'

But I might not!'

'I can't take that risk'

'But I'm your WIFE!'

I leave the screaming, I leave the chaos and as I walk away I leave my life behind too. The winter winds attack my fingers and chest like biting dogs. I wrap myself with my open coat as I begin to cough. I begin to cough more and more. The coughing becomes more violent, I cover my mouth and drop to my knees, blood reaches my hand. I cough more and more severely as blood drools from my ears and eyes. I lay on my side and the light gets darker and darker. I was infected.