Warning: There is a death in here, and it may have been influenced by my recent addiction to Happy Tree Friends. So...it should be pretty...unnatural and painful-sounding?

The Imaginary Friend

It was the first day of school, and it was miserable. My schedule made me run all over the school, all my teachers were the worst in their subject, and all my friends somehow were in the class next door to mine. I could hear the laughing through the wall as the teacher took role during English.

"X?" She said.

"Here," I murmured.

The girl next to me said hi to me, and I knew her, so I guess I wasn't alone in this class. She was African, and she was super dramatic and loud when she wanted to be, but she also could be nice. She saw that I was lonely so she decided to be nice to me.

We started by doing a boring activity on some books we had read over summer, and I quickly zoned out into my imaginary realm where it was always interesting with the stories I told myself. I knew my participation grade was not in good shape from the start.

Suddenly, the girl next to me said, "Hey X, we were just talking about how you look like you're stuffed with yams."

I threw her a weird face. "Because I'm Asian?" I said.

` "Yeah, so what am I stuffed with?" I realized now that the whole class was listening to me. I swallowed.

"Sweet potatoes?" I said nervously. The class laughed so I explained, "Um, your skin isn't really black, it's like copper colored."

Feeling lousy I had said something stupid in front of the class on the first day of school, I was so glad when break came around. I ran to find my group of friends.

"Hey," I said to them. "What's up?"

But instead of saying anything back, they simply stared for a second, and turned away to continue with their own conversation. Had they forgotten all the times we spent together? Those times trick-or-treating and getting freaked out when a white van was parked in someone's house, and those times in summer classes when we decided to match our T-shirts to drive the teachers mad? They all pretended that they didn't even know who I was!

I sighed and turned to leave, but then someone tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey, B," I said.

"Hey," he said. I was so happy he actually was willing to talk to me. "X, I have to tell you something important."

Then, I realized how strange it was for him to talk to me. I remembered that he had moved in the beginning of summer. I remembered we, as a whole group, had dinner to celebrate his friendship with us in a farewell party.

"B," I said, trying not to bawl, because I missed him, but at the same time grateful because he still wanted to talk to me. "But you've moved away."

"I know," he said. "You're in a dream."

"Really?" I said. "How come I can't control it?"

He shrugged. "You've slept too late. You can only lucid dream if you sleep earlier than midnight." Then he started to walk away. "Goodbye, X, good luck."

I sighed as he left because I was alone again. The rest of the school day was lame and boring, but luckily it was only a half-day so there was no lunch to survive. I heard my class was going to the park to celebrate that they were in a class together, and I was invited so I decided to go anyways. I headed out of school and walked along the bright white sidewalks until I saw the green grass of the park.

My classmates were at the bottom of a large hill, in the shade of a few trees and sitting at picnic tables, chatting and having a great time. I decided that since no one like me anymore, I wouldn't bother to try to hang out with them. So I climbed to the top of the huge, green hill, where there was a small formation of rocks on top. I unloaded my backpacks' contents onto the rocks and built myself a hill-house where I could be isolated from hated society forever.

Then, I heard my mom and kid brother a few feet down. They told me how selfish I was to bring all the stuffed animals here. I looked inside my backpack, and surprisingly, I had brought all the stuffed animals from our home. I threw them down the hill, and my mom and kid brother left. Even they didn't like me anymore.

I jealously watched my classmates at their picnic tables from my hill-house. How I wished I had friends again! But, I did have friends, no matter how unreal
they were. Where were D and K?

"Hey, X," a fat skater boy climbed up into my hill-house. "Something happened to D."

"What?" I said.

"Well," the fat skater boy began slowly. "You know he's so good at basketball, right?"

"Yeah, did he get hurt?"

The fat skater boy swallowed, "Yeah. Well, I want to be the best at basketball."


"So I chased him down the mountainside on our skateboards."

"And?" I demanded angrily.

"Well, he fell, and both his eyes got poked out on the rocks. He's dead now, I ended his misery by throwing him down the cliff."

I screamed. I grabbed the fat skater boy by the neck and cursed at him.

"Get the hell out of here, lousy son of a bitch!" I kicked him out the door and watched him roll down the hill.

Hot tears ran down my cheeks. "Dearest D, I miss you, please don't tell me you're gone! Tell me the fat boy was lying! Tell me I'm not alone!" I cried to the heavens.

But he didn't answer me, and I knew my beloved imaginary friend was gone.

Oh dear, why did my best friend have to die such a terrible, unnatural death? Was it my fault for creating him? Was it my fault for becoming too attached with my imaginary friends that I had lost my real friends? And now, a fragment of my unnatural mind had easily shattered that beautiful piece of my imagination, I was alone now!