There was a cute little Asian boy. He was a grade lower than me but around the same age. He was so small and cute I took out a BB gun and shot him twice in the eye.

He cried some tears and rubbed his eyes until the bullets dropped back out onto the ground. His eye was bleeding but it was fine.

And I didn't feel any mercy. (Because I used to be in love and he was a stranger.)


My friend needed my help. Her foot was hurt. I lifted her up to the sink in the classroom and she washed her feet.

The teacher came in and yelled at me for using the room when class was out.

So I took her grade book and ripped it up. She was so sad because all her hard work was ruined.

I threw all of the pictures on her desk onto the floor. Pictures of her family, her fiancée. Shattered.


And then I woke up and cried because I hurt the little Asian boy and the teacher and I was a dumb shit who didn't know right from wrong.

I went to school and smiled at the kid and said good morning to the teacher.

(I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.)

A/N: ... I'm not back, but I couldn't let this go.