Okay, yeah, I'm obsessed, maybe a tiny little bit, but hey, when you got something that demands to be written, it needs to be written. So, yeah, I'm going to continue on with this little series of oneshots. This one doesn't really have any drama in it, it's just a little dash and sprinkle of humor.


"Hey, Princess, come on. The bell rang."

I looked up at the fimiliar nickname, though I wished it wasn't mine. Of all the things that Jason, my boyfriend, could pick, why in the world did he pick, "Princess?" Did I look anything like a princess? No, I most certainly did not. I was more like a knight. Or a prince. Or a king. So, why was I a princess?

I'd shared these thoughts with Jason over and over again, but Jason refused to budge. It was always "Princess."

I had sworn to myself that I'd think of an embarrasing nickname for Jason too, but so far I'd forgotten about it again and again, putting it off and then getting angry when Jason called me Princess.

Well, kinda angry. Sometimes. Mostly, I was used to it.

And how embarrasing was that?

For an eleventh grade boy to respond to the name, "Princess", like I was some shaky little rat dog.

Jason was staring down at me now, waiting for me to get up, and follow me to lunch, where our friends were waiting. With a low mumble of the fimiliar, "Don't call me that," I got up and went. Jason pretended not to hear it. This was pretty much routine by now.

Our friends were waiting for us at the regular table, sitting in the far corner of the courtyard. This one was closest to the cafeteria, so we often got food faster this way, and while it was still warm.

Our, "crowd," had changed in the weeks since me and Jason had come out to the school. No longer were we hanging out with the jock and cheerleader type, like we were accustomed to, though I was only there cause Jason was. For all of my childhood, I'd only ever hung out with Jason. Anyway, those people were gone now, not wanting to be seen with the two newest fags of the school.

Whatever, didn't bother me. I'd never liked those guys anyway, too loud and obnoxious. And girls were mostly a complete annoyance on any day. Always giggling about something, and showing off their boobs. It was disgusting, to put in minorly.

Luckily, me and Jason had been pretty much left alone. No one was going to mess with Jason, who was probably one of the biggest, strongest, guys in school. And since I, Tommy, was his boyfriend, no one was messing with me either, because they knew they'd be beat to all hell if they did.

Jason and me got to our table, and William spotted us instantly.

William was a hyper guy, about five foot five, with light green hair that hung down to his shoulders in a straight line. I knew it probably took him atleast an hour to straighten his hair, because there was a lot of it, and while I'd only seen not straight once, I knew it couldn't be easy to get all those waves straight. He dressed in clothes that were bright in color, a little hippie. Today he had on a yellow shirt with a lime green jacket over it, a red headband, regular blue jeans, and yellow and green sneakers to match his whole upperbody, including his green eyes. To me, it was like rainbows had a tendency to throw up on William.

"Hey guys!" he shouted across the courtyard, and Jason waved, letting him know that we saw him. William turned and said something to Jayden, who barely looked up, but nodded his head to whatever had been said.

Jayden was the polar opposite of William. He dressed in dark, and sometimes too big clothing, and had short black hair. He was constantly calm, never loud, and seemed to always be listening to music. Whenever I saw him, even in class, he always had his headphones in, though the music was never loud enough for anyone else to hear. His skin was a light brown, so light you almost didn't notice. That was because his mother was white, but his dad was Filipino. He, unlike William, was not completely gay, but bisexual, and about the same height as William, but only a few inches taller.

Abby was sitting on the table, where she usually was. She was black, and liked to dress in the punk rock clothes, whatever made her look tough. She was gay too, but not so completely gay that people called her a dike. She was actually quite skinny, and pretty tall. If she told everyone she was lying this whole time and was actually straight, others would probably believe her. She was like Jayden, calm and collected.

Last was Katy, who was also bisexual. She was small, blond, blue eyed, and hyper. To her unfortune, she reminded me alot of Jazz, Jason's ex-girlfriend. Luckily, she was friendly, and would never harm a fly, which made it forgivable. She dressed in regular teenager girl clothes, that complimented her nicely.

These were our new friends, the ones that understood us, and excepted us.

"Hey guys." Katy said as we pulled up, looking up from her manga book.

"Hey." I said back, sitting down beside her, and peeking over her shoulder to see what she was reading. "What are you reading?"

"Yaoi." she answered back, and looked up. "You want to read?" she offered with a wink, holding the book out to me. I declined it with a roll of my eyes, then laughed when William snatched it up a moment later.

His eyes scanned over it for a few seconds, and then he laughed. He moved over to Jayden, and showed whatever was on the page to him. Jayden looked at it, barely smirked, then looked away again. I saw his smile falter for a few seconds. Willliam made it no secret how much he liked Jayden, but Jayden was either oblivous, or ignoring him.

"Hey, William." I said, and William came over.


"I'm trying to think of an embarrasing nickname for Jason. Help me."

William smiled. "Okay." then he looked at Jayden, who had actually looked up at what he had heard.

"Want to help?" I asked him.

He was quiet for a few seconds, considering. He started to shake his head, then stopped, and nodded. He moved over to our sides, and me and William both looked at each other and grinned. So maybe we could get Jayden to show some interest in something.

"What are you guys thinking?" I asked, throwing them secretive glances, whispering so that Jason and the girls wouldn't hear us. I would have invited the girls to help, but since they were talking to Jason, it would be impossible to get them over here without Jason noticing, and wondering what we were up to.

"Ginger-snap." William piped in instantly, without hesitation. Jayden ripped a piece of paper out of his notebook and wrote that down, then motioned for us to continue.

"Butterfingers." I suggested, and Jayden added it to the paper. Me and William both looked at Jayden, trying to get him to contribute. He was quiet a few seconds, then added somthing to the list silently.

"What did you put?" William asked, and Jayden tipped the paper toward us so that we could read it. Our eyes scanned over the paper, and then we burst out laughing. Jason and the girls looked over, and we stiffled it instantly.

"What?" Jason asked me, and I smiled innocently. William joined in my innocent smiling, but his was much too innocent. Jayden shrugged.

"Nothing." he said, in his cool voice.

We turned away, and hunched over the paper.

"Bambi." William said outloud, but quiet enough that only we could hear him. We chuckled again.

We spent the whole lunch period thinking of names, and we do a pretty good job of coming up with some embarrasing stuff, but nothing quite sticks with me. The bell is gonna ring in a few minutes, so, with our list complete, William, Jayden, and I turn to Jason.

"Hey, Jason?" I say, and he turns to me with a smile.

"Yes, Princess?"

The girls giggle, and I find myself so happy that I'll finally get back at him for calling me that embarrasing name. But as soon as he says it, I look down at the list, realizing that none of them are good enough for me. No, it has to be better, something that will really make this all worth the time.

"Nothing." I say back, and I smile and turn back to William and Jayden, who are giving me confused looks, wondering why I hadn't asked what I was supposed to. I explain myself, and Jayden nodded.

"Well, think of something embarrasing he did as a kid, then work from there."

Embarrassing? Had Jason ever done anything embarrasing? I go over it in my head, starting from the first time I truly recall remembering him, which was when I was four and we were hiding from his parents in a bathroom cupboard after we'd broken his mom's favorite pair of earrings, and start my way up.

"Yeah, like did he sleep with the lights on until he was thirteen?" William offered. "Does he sleep with a stuffed animal? Things like that."

"Stuffed animal?" I repeat, because the words have struck a memory. Something in my head clicks. I repeat the words over and over in my head, again and again, imagining Jason sleeping in his bed, and holding something against his chest...but I can't exactly remember what...

Suddenly, I remember, and I grin. William and Jayden both share my grin, realizing I've thought of something, then look meaningly at Jason, telling me to call him the name I've thought of.

"Quickly." William says, "the bell's about to ring."

So, I call casually over my shoullder, like it's nothing, "Hey, Barbie!"

For a minute, nothing happens, because Jason simply doesn't realize I'm talking to him. I mean, how could I be? A tough guy like him? He looks around, trying to see who I'm talking to, and only when he sees nobody does he turn to me, his eyes slowly begining to widen as he realizes what I'm talking about. Still, he tries to play dumb.

"Are you talking to me?" he asks cooly, and he smiles. The smile has a slight warning tinge to it, telling me to back off. But it doesn't scare me. I know Jason better then anyone, so I know he'd never hurt me. So I plunge on.

"I'm looking at you, aren't I, Barbie?"

"Barbie?" Abby repeats, looking at me for an explanation.

"Well, he always calls me Princess, so I only thought it fair that I got to call him one too?"

"But why Barbie?" Katy asks, and she's trying to hide a smirk.

I turn away from Jason, ignoring him as I explain to my audience, "When we were little, Jason used to carry a Barbie doll around with him everywhere. He even slept with it in bed." I smile at Jason innocently, and our friends burst into laughter. Jason grins back, but it's one that screams danger, atleast for me.

"Yeah well, you know why I call you Princess? The real reason?"

"Because he's so small?" Abby offers, which is totally not true. She's just taller then me, and usually everyone else.

"Because he's a bit of a snob?" William added, and then offered an innocent smile at my frown.

"Nope." Jason said with a shake of his head. I'm going over our childhood again in my head, only this time, I'm trying to remember embarrasing things I did, something that might do with a princess. It hit me, just as Jason spoke.

"Because one day, he ran around dressed like a princess, tiara and everything, for the whole day."

More laughter, this time directed at me. I squint my eyes at him. "I was only five."

"Still!" William laughs, and I frown at him now.

"Oh, don't tell me you've never run around dressed like a girl." I say to him, and to my surprise, Jayden laughs harder, probably because of all of us, William was certainly the one you'd imagine doing it the most.

William winked at me. "Only in your dreams."

Me and Jason were now staring at each other, trying to decide what to do next. Before anything could be done, the bell for the end of lunch rang. Jason smiled at me.

"Well, gotta go. See ya later, Princess."

He turned and started walking away, toward his class on the other end of the school. Knowing I only had one more chance to embarrass him for the day, I shouted after him, "Okay, see you later, Barbie!" All heads around us swiveled to look, and then turned to Jason as they realized he was the one I was talking too. Jason couldn't quite hide the blush as everyone stared, and finally, I realized I'd gotten my revenge.

Or atleast I thought. Until he shouted over to me once more.

"So, what did you ever do with that dress?"

Nyan! As I said, doesn't really have a plot. More just for laughs. Hope you enjoyed it.