This is a poem I had to write for my English class. The topic was 'today's society and how it influences people.' I got an 'A' and thought that I should share this so here it is.

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,

What would it be like to be a bird?

Would I be free,

Or sentenced to a life of unfulfilled happiness.

Would I lead myself,

Or just follow along with the flock.

Sometimes I wonder,

Who are you to judge me?

Do you know me,

Or do you just see me.

Do you care for me,

Or am I just another one of you pawns.

Sometimes I wonder,

Why does the river always flow downwards?

Is it following the rules,

Or is it too dumb to make its own decisions.

Is it the way of life,

Or is it just a figure of our imaginations.

Sometimes I wonder,

Who am I?

Am I me,

Or am I a puppet that is controlled by my master.

Do I make my own fate,

Or is it decided already?

But there is one thing that I don't wonder,

And its that no matter what,

you'll always be there for me.

Won't you?

A/N: Did you like it? Did you understand it? I know it's short but it still gets my point across, I hopeā€¦ ^^