I didn't fix this, sugar shake, broomsticks, and pin needles! Well so I am here doing it now...

Time ticked by slowly, but soon the lunch break came. Everything seemed to draw out for Kyouske. He never liked most things and was disinterested...well in life itself. He was told that was a sign of deep depression. But he didn't understand why, he lived in a large home, part of a successful rich family, and will never run out of money even if he didn't work.

I guess that does make a life a little boring. Walking out in the courtyard, he took in the rays of the sun. There was slight dew on the grass damping his shoes, but he didn't care, after all he could always buy a new pair.

Lunch was probably the only thing he even liked about this pathetic school. No one bothered with this tiny garden back here. But it was his safe haven, a place he could relax, his little corner at the end of the world. Taking in a large breath he already felt the stress leaving him. The soft smell of fresh flowers, it was April after all. This time was always humid, he admits it irked him a little bit, but not enough to care much.

Walking towards an old rusted bench, he threw his bag on it, unbuttoned his uniform shirt, placing it beside the bag. Flopping down on the grass he felt his undershirt grow damp from the wet earth. Honestly he didn't care, the cool droplets felt good on his shoulders. He was truly grateful that he even knew about this place. He used to sneak into the school and visit his brother at this exact spot. Remembering that time, how life used to be, sent a painful pang through his heart. He clenched his jaw in frustration, why is he acting like such a child? His brother was long gone now, why should he care? It's not like he loved him all that much anyways. But then...why did it hurt so much? No physical wound could bring so much pain. It just wasn't fair! He let his anger go, slamming his fist down on the ground, sending a vibrating feeling up his arm, he smashed down his hand until he felt a small dent form in the dirt.

Laying there looking up at the sky, he started to laugh. Maybe he was depressed, his actions just contradicted what he thought earlier. His laughter got uncontrollable and he rolled over clenching his sides. What would someone think if he saw him lying in the dirt laughing hysterically at nothing? This only amused him further, losing his mind was a lot more enjoyable then he first thought. He laughed, and laughed, until breathing became an necessity. Exhausted he laid there in silence. Life is one cruel son of a bitch.

Amaris groaned slamming her head on her desk.

"What's a matterr Koch-chin?" Emika asked her mouth full of food.

"Other than my first day didn't go well because of a certain someone's father? Nothing really."

"W-well I'm sure he meant well. Hehehe" Chika said nervously from the seat next to her. The girl only received a dark glare in return.

"I think it's your own fault, you're such an airhead, and an idiot for being fooled." Turning her attention to the seat accross from her, she only sighed in defeat to her "friend" Akane.

"I think you've made both facts painfully aware." She said warily.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much." Sugaru said from next to Chika, still on that phone of hers.

"I guess." She mumbled back, placing her head back down. Hopefully the day wouldn't be so bad.

Amaris walked down the street to her rather extravagant home. When it came in view she realized that there were a few cars lined up, all Mercedes Benz, she recognized the second in the line of cars as her father's adviser for the company.

"Oh that's right." She thought putting a hand to her head. "Otoh-san* is having guests over from the company." This would certainly make it harder to sneak out of the house.

"It sure has been long day" she said thinking aloud as she pushed her front door open.

Stepping into the hall and as she walked to the living room the gruff voices of business men grew louder. Coming to the room she assumed they were in to say hello, as it would be the polite thing to do.

"Ah!" he said standing from his position at the front of the table. "My daughter has finally arrived." He swooned. Must be drunk.

"Isn't she, BEAUTIFUL!" He half yelled before falling down, the others roared in laughter at her father's anticts. Sighing mentally she looked to the other side of the room.

"Good evening, Mizuki-san." She greeted an old wary looking man in the corner.

He looked at her with kind eyes smiling gently. "Hello, Ama-chan. No need for formalities with an old geezer like me." He said in his raspy voice.

Shaking her head slighty she replied "No, I respect you enough to give it. If you don't mind...and I'm sure the others won't." Pausing to look over the room of drunk Japanese buisiness men. "I think I'll head upstairs, I had a very long first day."

"I'm sure." Mizuki chuckled. "It's fine, better get out before the mess really gets started!"

"Yes, I think you're right!" She replied stepping out, smiling at him before leaving. Rubbing her eyes, Amaris made her way to her room, equally large to a basic kitchen.

With a sigh she stood and began to get dress into what she would normally wear on her nights "out." It consisted of black baggy capri pants a normal white t-shirt, and a worn out black leather jacket. It was very plain and normal, but she didn't mind. In truth she liked white better, but her resources were limited, in a sense. Tucking her family necklace in her shirt to keep it safe, she zipped up her jacket all snug and moved to the window, jumped onto the second part of the low roof. Running across it she jumped off the edge with great care. Landing in a cat like crouch, it had taken a good amount of time to get it down, but it was good for situations like this. Normally her father wouldn't be home.

She began walking down the hill top that led away from the gigantic mansions, Our small town hidden away from the rest of society was separated into two sections. The rich and the poor. There was no middle class.

But this place was a large dump to her. In the upper outskirts is where all of the rich lived, it was peaceful and quite, a good cover for what was rotting under neath. At the heart of the city were mobsters and gangs. The towns people only suffered under them. I guess no one wants to interfere and be killed in those gang wars. The crime rate was steadily increasing but the small amount of cops (Hired by Osaka-san, from across the street, the dog) only contain them enough so they won't cross the bridge.

As simple as that. Down the hill there is a small bridge connecting the two parts. On the other side of the bridge there is a small part that doesn't have much activity but it gets worse the deeper you go. The high school (co founded by my father) Was located at the edge of the forest situated on the far right of the town, away from both parts undisturbed. You have to go through that tiny peaceful part. But she usually took a short cut, as she had this morning, crossing paths with that dog. It was a pity she got caught by him. It was better that way, she didn't want anyone to recognize her, not that it was possible. But better safe then sorry.

The night was dark except the lights from pubs and stripper clubs. Smoke filled the sky as the scum of the streets crawled out of their holes. With confidence Amaris walked slowly, even if she looked short for her age her ego was not at all as little. She walked past the dirt that littered the side walks, their temples pulsed with annoyance at her arrogance but one look made them freeze and shrink into the alleyways. At first when she came to these parts everyone challenged her, they weren't very, ah friendly. But through a long talk they had come to an understanding.

This was all a big fantasy dream for her, and at first she had often gotten beaten down repeatedly. But every night she came here she improved and every night one more person would be added to the people that feared her. It felt invigorating, she truly felt alive, this was a way to live, a way to decrease all of her pent up anger her boredom. At the thought her mouth turned into a wolfish smile of sharp fangs and her eyes were crimson under the moonlight. She needed to put herself at rest, her fists needed something to do. She walked down various alleys, she circled for thirty minutes but still no one would call her out, no one would tick her off enough to start a brawl. She ground her teeth in frustration, I guess she thought what they call the loneliness of the king...HA! or dictator is more like it. She laughed dryly, her awful attempt at amusing herself. After thinking she decided to circle around ounce more.

With a large sigh, stopping at the bridge connecting the two parts of town leaning lazily on the railing, Amaris pondered on why nothing happened. It was nearing 12:00pm and still nothing came from hitting the pavement, she guessed sometimes being passive aggressive just didn't work out. One side of the bridge was full with graffiti and the other was as clean as ever just like the high-and-mighty like it, it was a bit amusing really.

"Well, probably should head back its only been an hour but things are boring..." I said aloud staring at my reflection in the shallow water underneath the stone arch. "Maybe I should have left some small fry left." I said scolding myself.

"Glad someone's having a good time talking to themselves." A familiar voice said behind me.

Aurgh "Oh you're still alive and kicking?" Amaris replied turning towards a young looking women in a tight leather dress, the smoke from her the cigarette she was holding lifted towards the sky. Definitely not good for the eco sytem hehehe. That was a good one.

"Oh give it arrest with your negativity, you'll never get married that way." She said back clearly unfazed by Amaris's tone.

"And I,Should be taking advice from you? You are pushing forty and still dress like a stripper." The younger girl replied with a smirk.

"Come now, First of all I look twenty." Well, that is true, she thought bitterly"Second of all, what do you want me to look like in a place like this, you're not exactly making a fashion statement either, ya know. Why can't you clean the scum from this place already and be done with it?"

"Then I'd have nothing to do Kasumi you know that, and how would I in the first place? I'm not using my Dad's money just for that." I replied with a childish pout.

"You assume I understand the mind of a sadistic person like you? And don't forget the honorifics I am your elder." Kasumi replied with a hint of amusement as she puffed out smoke. After a moments pause she spoke again "You'll go to Hell ya know that?"

"Who? Little o'me? I'm catholic just so you know, pray everyday." I said back with full honesty, well and sarcasm.

" God don't like ugly sweetheart."

"And God ain't to found of pretty either." I muttered back bitterly.

"Awwww what's a matter? Did I touch a nerve?" She taunted

"Just back off." I growled threw clenched teeth turning back around.

"Hmph, someone is in a bad mood, why not tell me how you really feel." she said rolling her eyes. "If you want me to leave that badly guess I just won't tell you a bit of juicy information involving a certain gang war.~" Kasumi said wistfully as she slowly walked away.

My ears pricked up at this and my mouth twitched with annoyance that I was being baited by the annoying old hag, Again. Maybe everyone was right about me being an airheaded idiot.

"Alright, you've got my attention oh great Kasumi, I'm sorry." I said dramatically adding a deep bow.

"Much better. Now rumor has it..."

translations used in chapter(s)

Otoh-san-used sometimes for Father or Papa.