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Kasumi had explained that a big show down was going down between the two biggest families Amaris whistled happily down the rode, excited to finally have something to do. When she entered the courtyard that the fight was supposed to take place she wasn't prepared to see this. A large group of yakuza, at leastd twenty, was standing across from a priest. There was no else there except for him

"Ah~I guess we can't sit and work this out, no?" the priest said.

"Damn old man! What do you think this is! Stop making a fool out of us!" A young man at least 20, shouted. But he was an obvious amateur. He ran at the older man armed with a metal bat. The priest stepped away easily, the weight of his choice of weapon knocked him off his balance and to the ground.

The priest sighed "Young man you seem like the type who would do good as a teacher, am I right?"

The man on the ground looked up agape "I ah, actually wanted...to major in English" Now that Amaris got a good look at him he did look normal he looked like he was fresh out of High school, with pale skin and short maroon hair.

"A popular choice, although few can successfully teach it." he spoke in English. "Thankfully, one of our members is a very accomplished teacher trainee and English major I'm sure that he can give you a good amount of information. It is certainly possible to get you a position in the near high school, I know a few friends." The man finished happily smiling at the young man as he gave him a hand. He spoke again, back to Japanese "If you wait here I'm sure we can talk later about other arrangements."

Thankfully, Amaris as a child had frequent lessons in different languages and English was a one of her strong points. But the gangsters weren't as lucky so it seemed from their very annoyed expressions.

"T-T-HANK YOU, SO MUCH SIR!" The red head replied fluently and gratefully bowing.

"No. There is no thanks I just saw an opportunity and took it. Now how about we go to my house now and take all about this over a nice cup of jasmine tea."

The old man began to walk away, when from behind the rest of the twenty or so mobsters raced towards him. The old man stopped, silent for a moment.


A much older man came at him first stronger and more skilled then the first. He was tall and muscled with scars lining his jaw and upper arms. Swiftly the old priest moved, using his staff to jab a smashing blow to under the man's chin, then without missing a beat he moved lower giving a quick set of piercing jabs to the man's chest near the pressure point under the collar bone. The man, even for his bulk, fell easily to the ground. All Amaris could do was stare but she certainly couldn't guess what would happen. But her thoughts where interrupted by a call coming from up the rode.

"Hey Boss man! Whacha doin'?" Three men where standing on the old cobble path staring at the large group.

The one who had called out was wearing an old white tee and ripped jeans. He had large wooden sandals and grass in his mouth. A country bumpkin if Amaris ever saw one he fit the image. The man squinted his eyes before breaking into a toothy smile, on of them missing. He rushed over to stand beside the old man.

"Ne, Bosu you shoulda told me ya where going brawlin'!"

"HA, well Shinji it's not good to fight all the time." He replied warily.

"Yeah but these guys don't seem like their steppin down!" Shinji complained. "Oi! Kyoujin! Get over here~! We gots somethin ta do now!" Amaris turned her attention to the second man. He towered like a mountain. Atleast seven feet tall.

"Hmmm, Shishni, whash ish istss?" The man, Kyoujin replied stuffing his mouth with onigiri.

"Ya big goof don' talk with ya mouth fool!" Shinji scolded. "Ah...wait what happened to Shishi?"

"Sheeping." Kyoujin replied.

"What did I just say?" Shinji said irritated. Kyoujin swallowed before he spoke again.

"He's sleeping said he didn't want to go out in the first place."

"Che, Stupid Taidana! Well whatever." Durring their conversation they hadn't noticed that half of the gangsters left once Kyoujin came into sight. Amaris watched perplexed. "This is so unbelievable it's funny." she thought.

The leader of the used to be large group, without warning rushed in his rage. Kyoujin droped one of his onigiri, as he chased after it the yakuza wanna be stepped on it. Apparently this was a very big mistake.

"Oh no." Shinji whispered backing up slowly.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" the man screamed striking out with his leg. Kyoujin grabbed onto the man's ankle with ease. With a simple flick of his wrist he snapped the captured ankle without hesitation.

"ARRRGH, you bastard!"

Kyoujin his face dark picked the man up by the shirt and threw him into his buddies. The few subordinates that stayed became pale and turned with their tails between their legs. But before they could leave the man, Kyoujin ran at inhuman speed after them taking up what resembled a boxing stance he beat off two guys that had been holding up there boss.

"Onigiri." Kyoujin said sinisterly.

"He-here b-b-buy whatever ya like, ok? My treat." The yakuza said nervously handing him 1,000 yen.

Kyoujin brightened up taking it. "Thanks man. Here." He said before grabbing onto the man's ankle again.

"No, no, don't do what I think ya doin." The guy whined before Kyoujin snapped his ankle back in place with a crack. "AAAArfh RA ha!"

"Bye!" Kyoujin called to them as the men from earlier stirred and picked up their crying boss.

"Oh my that man was certainly misfortunate." The priest sighed.

Amaris swallowed nervously, she was not intimidated but when she came looking for a fight she didn't expect to find a mobster brawling priest. Even though it was a strange sight, she couldn't help herself from letting a shiver of excitement escape her control. She wanted to fight this man no matter what.

"Come out from hiding there Amaris." The old man said turning in her direction when it all ended.

Her mind was far too gone to ask any questions, in fact she couldn't care. In this moment she only wanted blood and she would get it. She picked up her pace until it increased into a full run wasting no time in her first attack. Keeping low using her speed she brought her right arm up in a large claw like swipe. She was not disappointed he easily dodged.

"Young people these days! My back isn't structured for this." He whined.

"Boss man, isn't she-" Shinji trailed off.

"Hmmm, yes indeed." The old man replied sadly.

Slamming her feet in the ground she pivoted Bringing her knee straight up.

"Whoa there! That was close." He said a little surprised as her attack brushed by his chin.

She bounced back unfazed by the man's easy dodging. Amaris leaned back on her back foot using her weight she pushed foward with great speed. She jabbed at the mans stomach then jaw with smooth motions, the blows connected.

"Itai! That huuuurt!"He whined stepping back with tears in his eyes. When he finally calmed down he turned back his attention

"There's no helping It I guess I'm going to have to get serious" he said rubbing his jaw.

She continued with fast attacks even with the speed she did not connect again. After an hour she was on the ground panting. Gritting her teeth she stood up again filled with a burning rage of frustration, she never faced anyone she couldn't even touch. It was like this old man wasn't taking her seriously, he never faced her head on just kept running around. That angered her. Letting out a slow breath she shifted into a stance the large one had used earlier. This caught him off guard and she pushed forward with a faint to the side and inside his defense.

His shock only lasted for a second and Amaris lost her window of time, immediately he retaliated before she could even so anything. Bringing up his cursed staff swiftly and slammed her back roughly across her chest and collar bone Amaris hit the ground hard slamming her head, in a daze she fought for breath before through her bleary eyes she saw him moving to jab at her again.

Bracing herself she rolled off to the side out of the way. Her chest ached from where he had forced her back and her collarbone felt bruised. With only a few seconds of recovery that wretched old man kept his attack going. Now she was like a bug at his mercy rolling around to escape from being crushed. Her head started pounding and her eyes began to close, but the man hesitated. Now! Seeing the opportunity she gathered her remaining strength but her body ached in protest slowing her down before stumbling over her feet.

Why!? WHY CAN'T I HIT HIM! She thought slamming her fist in the ground breathing hard.

"Why, Why, WHY CAN'T I HIT YOU!" she yelled her wrath fueling new strength as she blindly gave a straightforward attack. She was stopped short by a knee, air blew in her face from the power of the attack, but it didn't hit her. Shocked she fell to the ground eyes wide.

"You poor Pitiful soul lost in your wrath and hate. Enjoying hurting others without a care. But I will give you your salvation." The priest said in a sorrowful voice. He stuck his hand out and tapped her forehead.

"I condemn you to serve the house of Shōkan Sōru." A red light pulsed from Amaris bathing the ground and buildings in crimson. That was the last thing she remembered before falling into darkness.

So that tis it, after this I will FINALLY be able to start the real fun and plotting of this story. I decided to add some spiritual themes in after reviewing and everything.