"Who is this?" A young girls tiny voice asked, pointing to the older boy who had now entered the room.

"This is your Onii-chan, he will be joining us from now on." A woman with redish hair said to her.

"What are you called." She asked again as if he was a pet.

"My name?"


"Call me Shika."

"That's a strange name."

You think so?


"Already getting aquainted I see, HAHA, come here Shikara!" A tall energetic man said. He wrapped an arm around the younger boys shoulder. "Now listen you are the only man I'll trust my daughter with." He whispered to him with a gleam in his eyes.

"You want me to become a pedophile?!"


"You're crazy old man!"

"Hey! I'm not old, and who was the one who saved your ass? Huh? let me hear it?" He replied smirking.


"What was that?" The man nudged at him

"AYUMA-SAMA!" The young man yelled straightening.

"Yup that's it!" The older guy cackled.

"Now, now you two, little Amaris-chan wouldn't want you fighting, Ne?" The kind women from earlier spoke up, but some how there was a threatening meaning behind those words.


"Fine." The two men said in unision.

Amaris woke from her dream in a slight daze. She shook her head trying to clear it, to atleast get one thought out. Staring at the ceiling it took her a few minutes to realize her situation. Feeling sick she began to sit up, but immediately she slammed back down from her exhaustion.

"This is freakin fantastic." She said aloud. "What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

"Oh ho, little Amaris-chan is awake~" An old man bounced into the room. Argh I know that voice.

"I better be hallucinating or I really will end up going to jail for murder."

"...That's harsh." He whined.

"Where did you take me exactly?" She asked bitterly.

"Well to our little estate on the edge of town. I did say you had to serve Shokan Sogu didn't I?"

"Huh?" Amaris was feeling very confused by now.

He pursed his lips looking slightly frustrated. "I forgot to explain it." He muttered to himself.

"Damn Priest I don't have time for this!" She growled at him.

"I'm not a priest, I'm a monk. There is a difference. If you would just sit quietly and stop being so stubborn I will explain everything to you, now stop acting like a spoiled child!" He said sternly.

Amaris was slightly taken aback. But she swallowed her pride and listened.

"You know your adopted right?" He asked.

"uh yeah." She nodded warily.

"Well, your real Father was the one who created our organization." He stated.


"So, that means it is yours through inheritance." He explained exasperated.

Amaris lifted her eyebrows. At first she thought he was plain crazy. Then she gave him a look of disbelief. Before it clicked in her head. She remembered how he said she had to "serve Sho whatever." She groaned and turned her face flat on her pillow. Why does life have to be so unfair?

"Wait...that means I'm in charge. Which means I can do what I want. Which means..." Slowly she began to smile, with this kind of power she could finally turn this god forsaken city around. She would be in charge, She could control this place.

"So are you going to take charge?" He asked her in a quiet voice.

"You've got yourslef a deal old man." She stated with a wolfish grin. The priest, monk, whatever seemed to be satisfyed. Amaris was itching to get started on her "ruled." A yawn interrupted her master plan thoughts, taking-over-the town second. Sleep comes first. Kicking back she fell into a slumber with that same thirsty smile.

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