Chapter one of The Mirror of Adventure! Hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

The girl sighed deeply, dropping her suitcase to the dusty ground. As dust swirled around like smoke, she wearily walked up the steps, hiding in the shadows from the wood covered windows. "Amy!" a little voice shouted. "Mom says you have to stay down here!"

Ignoring her brother's reminder, she continued to hasten her pace, finding herself in a hall of frames and doors. Nervous from the following eyes of people in photos, she raced towards the last door, slamming it shut.

Finding herself in an empty room, Amy decided to look around as she waited for her panic to calm down. The windows were broken and dirty, sunshine leaking through them. The closet doors looked weak as though they could break from one movement. The sound of her dog's howls was heard as the trunk of the family car shut. "How do you like the new house, kids?" Amy's mother called out, waiting for an answer.

Blinking away the dust, she continued to explore the quiet room. Feathers from a couch were left behind where the furniture was, a little bird settling in its nest by the window sill. Turning to the closet, she opened it, hearing the eerie creak of the door slide. Nothing but darkness was kept inside, except for a large mirror.

Elaborate designs covered the border, a dull shining mirror staring right back at her. On the top of the mirror hung a silver necklace with a locket; holding it up, she wore it around her, admiring the shining sapphire in the middle. Brushing her auburn hair away as she looked into her reflection, she wiped dust away from where her face should have reflected. Instead, her finger went through the mirror. The girl yelped in alarm, jumping away from the mirror.

Creeping back towards the mysterious mirror, she poked her finger into it again. As it happened again, a rush of mixed fear and excitement filled her head. Silently closing the closet, Amy scrambled out of the room with a quick glance behind her, and rushed down to the kitchen where her family settled.