"Amy! Amy!" A blurry image in front of her was disappearing, holding out a hand to her. She tried to grab it, but her feet would not move. She screamed out his name. "Mark! Mark! Mark!" Opening her alarmed gray eyes, she straightened herself from the bed, pushing the blanket away from her. Noticing she still had her disguise on, she brushed her bangs away, looking around the room- yellow painted walls brightened the room from the sunlight shining through one window, with only one door leading out. Seeing that she had no injuries, she left the bed and out of the room. Quickly and quietly escaping the hospital, she hid behind the corner of the hallway when she spotted Travelers by the door.

Feeling the bag she and Mark had bought, she rummaged through it until she found a cloak. Wearing it, she managed to pass them and return to the outside. The door to the Mirror room was right in front of Amy, until a voice stopped her. "Traveler!"

I don't have time for this, she thought to herself, glaring at the approaching person. Her palms began to glow, preparing to defend herself if he or she attacked. Wait… "Rally?" she frowned. She put the glowing fire out from her hands. "Huh?" He stopped, alarmed that the Traveler had knew his name. Taking the hood off, she revealed her faced and transformed back to her original form. "Oh, Amy," he sighed relievingly. "I didn't want to face an actual Traveler…"

"I… am, actually," she replied awkwardly. They stood in silence, until Ralph asked, "So, you've been in the Travelers meeting?" She nodded weakly, trying not to break down in front of him. He frowned. "Something happened?" Sitting down in a nearby bench, Amy explained, "Some person came in and took my brother." Ralph sat there for a while, and then replied, "We'll… We'll find him. I promise." Surprisingly, he reached in and held her trembling hand. "I promise."

To be continued in The Mirror's Mission