Hi! This is amai-chan, and once again I am putting off writing my chapter story, but the plot bunnies are very strong lately, thus the sudden mass of one-shots popping up. I hope you all like this snippet! Please review! It really does motivate me to write more~

The hill she stood on looked over a small valley surrounded by tall, sturdy mountains. A gentle breeze waived through the valley, caressing her skin and cooled her warm skin. The sun's warming rays began to recede behind the mountains and a myriad of fiery colors painted the sky in a magnificent display of Mother Nature's beauty.

She could remember back to a time when childish laughter filled the air around the hill and the sunset led to an exciting game to see who could catch the first firefly. Sparkling brown eyes and toothy grins filled her vision with memories of the past.

Lowering her head, she turned to a peculiar stone at the top of the hill and fell to her knees in front of it. A gust of wind blew waves of her black hair into her eyes, and as she swiped at them, the view of the stone became clearer.

Sophia Le

Beloved Daughter

January 1, 2007 – March 23, 2012

Another strong gust of wind blew her hair around, the waves of it so distracting that one would miss the sparkling diamond like tears fluttering away from their source. My baby…I'm so sorry.