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A swish of plants waving around and brushing against each other in the warm summer breeze swirled in his ear as he ran through the vast field looking for just the right one. It absolutely HAD to be perfect.

*There!* He spotted it and ran towards it in a fast sprint. Panting with exertion, he pulled out a sharp blade and sliced though the thick stalk, hands getting assaulted by the prickles. As he finished sawing though, his ears perked at a sound in the distance. *Oh no!* He thought as he ran, panicking though the field. *I'm too late!* He sped up in desperation, sweat rolling down his face as he sprinted past the plants he had been meandering through just moments ago.

The light towards the end of his path grew bigger and bigger until finally he broke free of the large, maze like field and onto the cleared front yard of the large farm house. An old pickup truck was just pulling into the drive way when he burst through the plants, and he made a bee line straight for the passenger seat of the car.

A middle aged frail looking woman sat in the front seat, clutching only a shawl around her shoulders.

"Mama! Mama! You're home!" The boy cried out happily. He slowed to a stop right in front of the woman, with his hands behind his back.

"Look what I found for you!" The boy said, excited. He whipped out from behind his back, a large, beautiful sun flower. The woman looked with tears in her eyes and pulled him into a hug.

A shallow cough racked through her body, and she whispered to him. "I could never ask for a better son."