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Have you ever really wanted something more than anything? Something so much that you'd do anything to get it? For example, spending a week with the bane of your life, while pretending to like him when all you want to do is punch him? Cause I did, and somewhere along the way I fell for him.

The love of her life... is a car?

"Aw baby, you're perfect." I cooed as I caressed it softly. Pushing out my long blonde locks out of my face I gave a slight smirk.

Black leather seats, killer bass system, 430 horse power, and sleek black structure. It was perfect. I stroked the steering wheel and soaked in the scent of newness. The engine let out a pure as I slightly stepped on the accelerator. I looked at the rear view window and winked at my reflection.

"Nice ride."

"Therese, you have to get out now."

My brows furrowed in irritation as my brother James disrupted my reverie. "Come on, a customer's going to check it out!"

I ignored his whine and continued staring at my reflection. Long blonde hair with dark streaks, striking cobalt eyes, and high cheekbones. I look good.

"Stop checking yourself out and come out!" He hissed. "Therese!"

I let out a sigh of irritation and scowled. "Got it! Damn it."

I pushed the button and the door rose upward letting out a hiss as pressure released. I jumped out of the leather seat and gave the car one last loving touch before shutting the door.

He looked me crossly. "Aren't you supposed to be at school anyways?"

I stretched my arms before answering jadedly.

"Nah, I've already missed the first three periods. What's the point of going now?"

He gave a frustrated scowl before dragging me into his car. "You are going to school whether you like it or not."

I rolled my eyes as I got shoved into his 1999 model Toyota. See, this was the best our family could afford for him right now. After my eldest sister relied completely on my parents for college tuition and my second sister used thousands on a shopping spree, little was left for me and James. Thus, resulting in his crap of a car which I guess is better than me, who has no car. I pressed my hand onto the window and watched as my baby got farther and farther away. I do not deserve this.

"James, can't I just go to the mall or something? Or home? It's senior year, school doesn't matter anymore."

He gave me a disappointed look. "That's complete bull. Senior year still matters and if you keep ditching school like this you won't be able to graduate. What's mom doing at home anyways? Shouldn't she be making sure that you go to school?"

I blew the fringes off my face. Something I did when ever I got pissed.

"You know she doesn't give a damn about what I do. She's too busy trying to find a man to cling on to so she can regain her old lifestyle."

He pursed his lips but stayed silent. He knew as well as I did that our mother was completely unreliable after our father left for younger, newer version of her and left her with just enough to get us by.

Letting out a pitiful sigh, I slumped my shoulders receiving a worried look from James.

"Are you feeling alright?" I cackled evilly inside my head. Even after fighting, he was still majorly concerned when it came to me. After my dad's disappearance, he took in the father role.

I made large puppy eyes and looked up at him forlornly. "I feel sick."

He turned to me concern etched all over his face. I stifled a snicker. Under his 6 foot body of pure muscle and cold exterior, he was a giant marshmallow.

"I feel heart sick." I gave a dramatic sigh.

His eyes widened eating up what I just said before furrowing in anger.

"Did some guy do something to you?"

I let out a depressed sigh before answering wish washedly, "I guess you can say that." I made random patterns with my finger on my thigh. Turning back to him I gave a small pout. "This one guy just randomly grabbed me."

"Grabbed you?" He looked at me aghast.

"Yeah and took me somewhere that makes me feel really uncomfortable."

He clenched his fist. "Where's he? Where's the bastard? I'll make sure he won't ever do that again."
"Really?" I looked at him gratefully and grabbed his hand.

"You really are the best." he looked away flustered.

"He's right there." I pointed straight at him and he turned his head confused. "He's here?"

"Yep. Right here." And a small smirk grew larger on my face. His confusion drained away and understanding poured into his face. He gave me a disapproving look as I feigned innocence and looked away. I felt my heart plummet as I saw the familiar stone tablet with the words Belmont High inscribed in it, I turned back to him.

Desperate, I pulled out my last card. "James, can't I just stay with you at work? I'll do the rest of your laundry for this week."

He gave a firm shake of his head. "Nice try but you're going to school." I heaved another sigh as I climbed out of his car.

"Apologize to your teacher. It must be extremely tough having a student like you." I scoffed and stuck out my tongue. He drove away letting out a trail of smoke. Debating whether I should just run for it, I headed into the office and sauntered towards the attendance line.

"My, this is a face I haven't seen in a while. It's unbelievable how your tardies are managing to go up to fourth period now. Let's see," she hummed as she scrolled down my attendance record. "Ah! Therese Simmons, senior, with over 17 absences this month. So what's your excuse today?"

"Heart failure." I said deadpanned.

She raised her overly plucked eyebrow. "So it went from kidney failure to the heart, hmm?"

I shrugged. "What can I say, I'm a delicate girl."

She scoffed. "Right, and your delicateness is what led Blake Griffins, Sean Evans, and Matt Damons into the emergency room for brain damage."

"It's not like their brains could get damaged any more anyways." I muttered under my breath.

She glared at me ruefully. "They were our star football players. Well hope your illness," she said disbelievingly, "gets better. And you should come more often or you'll get bad grades."

"Sure." I called out as I walked out the door but I honestly didn't care. My attendance really didn't affect my grades. Unlike popular belief I was actually quite smart and managed to get solid row of B's without going to class 3 days in a row. Weekly. Plus it is senior year, after three stressful years of high school, my plan was to enjoy this year to the fullest before heading off to college.

I walked across the huge campus and tried to figure out which way my fourth period was. How long has it been since I was here? I counted the days, then the weeks, ah. Little less than a month. Finally, I managed to find the right building and climbed the stairway. Whoever made this was trying to kill of students. I just know it. When I finally reached the top, I was out of breath and mentally shooting whoever designed the school. Thank God my class was right in front of the stairway or else I'd have to suffer walking some more.

I pushed the door open and saw a sea of unfamiliar faces.

Shit. Wrong class.

"Why Therese? I'm afraid you should've been in this class two periods ago but you're welcome to stay until next lunch!" I gave an awkward nod to Mrs. Ferraro, one of Bell's nicest teachers.

"Well, look who it is, I've missed you babe."

Ugh. Gabe Dimano gave a flirty wave at me as he ambled over. Most girls swooned over his chestnut colored hair, deep tan, and sparkling green eyes, but I wasn't "most girls." I was that 0.001 percentile who wanted nothing to do with him which he obviously didn't get. Engulfing me in a hug, I managed to squeeze out, "Get your stinking arms off of me or I'll break them off for you."

He gave an easy laugh before whispering in my ear, "I love it when you talk dirty to me."

I stepped on his foot hard and be let out a cringe before backing away. "You're hot when you're angry."

Frustrated I lunged towards him, "Well, I'm about to get fucking gorgeous."

He let out a low laugh and I knew he was messing around with me. Even with my expertise in tae kwon do, judo, kick boxing, and wrestling, he always managed to avert my attacks and make me seem like a white belt newbie. God damn him. He was the second person on my people-I-shall-someday-destroy list.

"Instead of flirting loudly, shouldn't you be taking notes? You not only come in late, but disturb other's studying. How juvenile." A familiar cold voice suddenly stopped my mid-pounce and I turned around to see the number one person, Chris Pine. There he stood in his Roman God like Glory looking snootily down at me. Ugh. I wanted to pound the smirk off his face.

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