Here's a poem that I wrote about my little baby.

He's my friend, my son

the one who I see every day

He's my life, my whole wide world

I loved him more than mere words can say

He's my sunshine in the rain

he's the one who always knew

he's my sky through the clouds

he always knew when I felt blue

He's my shoulder that I could lean

when the world kept crumbling in

he's my smile through my tears

the one who loved me just a year

This one i'm talking about is different from us

he's not a human, but Havoc, my awesome cat

He got in the road one day and got hit by a car

Now I miss him, even when he caught a rat

I adopted him one day from our local vet

now he's gone, and I miss my little friend

he was my life, my whole wide world

And I know I'll miss him till the end.

Dedicated to Havoc, May 2011-April 2012