There's a bridge
And I stand on the edge,
One foot half lifted,
Ready to step…
And yet my body is frozen;
Iced in indecision.

On the one hand
My foot can come down
Through rotten wood
To plunge into cold dark pools
Of blood and rotten flesh,
Or acid burning through my soul,
Taking the opportune gold
And quickly melting it to ash.

Or I could stay,
Then alienation binds
It's silver choker,
Slowly squeezing my slender neck
Till each breath is a virtue,
A pain endured
Till the last,
The ligament, snaps.

A moment,
Frozen in time.
The molten gold
Burning the flesh off my skull?
Or the dull silver, slowly
Clogging my sense, my sound
Till nothing remains
Save black residue
Free from shine.

Oh, this horrible indecision…
This modern world,
All blackened and grey
Without even a light
On the yellow brick road.