Your words

Mean nothing to me

You say I'm cute

You tell me I'm the most beautiful woman you have ever met

You lie to me

You smile and wave at me as if nothing is wrong

We don't even bring up the subject when we are alone

You tell me that you love me

And it just rubs salt into my wounded heart

You told me what happened

You kept saying you were sorry and it was a mistake

You promised not to do it again

The very next day I saw you in bed with her, again

Your hand plunged into my chest

Grasped my bloody organ

Ripped it out

And showed it to me

My still beating

Sliced through



I want everything to be okay

Everything to be normal

Us to be in love

But that can never happen

I have decided to move on

I am leaving you

I will never see you again

And you can keep the dead heart

I don't need it

It's useless to me

But you can put it on display

As just another victory

I'm going to change

And I won't let you hold me back

No matter how much you want to keep in touch with me

I'm going to put you in the past

Where you belong

I'm done trying to be number one

Trying to be the best I can't be for you

So long, man

Have fun with your sluts

Because that's all you have left.