((This story popped in my head one day, yeah it's short, but I thought it was funny so I posted it on here. Enjoy! Please R&R))

The Chronicles of Mr. and Mrs. Zombie

Anika Denoxi was your average vamparic girl with no talents to name of what-so-ever, whom lived with her fiancé' Mason Denoxi in a boring lime shaded apartment complex. That is, until, the Vampire/ Zombie Apocalypse struck.

Anika, a short, pretty (well all vampires were pretty, but she was really stunning), hazel eyed, brown haired vampire teen was looking forward to a night alone with her vampire fiancé' Mason. Anika had even dimmed the all the lights, lit a few candles, and turned on Resident Evil 5 (Mason's favorite Zombie video game). Anika, as you can probably guess, was really excited. In all truths, however, she really shouldn't have been. Little did Anika know that her fiancé' was now a fully fledged brain craving Zombie.

"One, two, orange, blue, pickles, cucumbers..." Anika randomly muttered for when she is excited, one should know that, she randomly mutters randomly seemingly unrelated things. A random knock at the apartment door excited Anika even more for it had to be Mason, after all who else lived in their creaky, old apartment.


Anika stared at her 'Zombie' boyfriend, and thought that he was just playing a joke, albeit a really mean and stinky one, on her.

His russet brown hair, normally handsome, was now falling out all over his head in gross clumps. His breath was more revolting than a mall filled to the brim with rotten eggs, and half of his sickeningly pale skin was peeling off of him.

"Brains…Love… Anna…Brains…need…" Mason mumbled, and rabid- like froth pooled out of his vile, open mouth.

"I'm right here, babe. Quit pretending, and clean up already please! No offense, Snugglikins, but you…" Anna didn't have time to finish her sentence for…

Mason bit her. Today when they are not being seen stealing brains from the CDC, they are partying to "Sexy and I know it", and going at it like rabbits. Trust me you don't want to know the details, and that, my dear reader, concludes, 'The Chronicles of Mr. and Mrs. Zombie'.