"Looking Up at the End"

Posted as part of Project 365 - for the day: May 1, 2012

It's been a long way down and I know it will never end.
I've come far enough to know this won't mend.
Torn ligaments, punctured lungs,
my life revolves
sluggish and deteriorating.
Four sharp walls, these corners and missing ledges,
I'm trapped even though I'm out on my edges:
nerves set on end, every muscle poised
for the long fall to finish me off.

Once when I was young,
I could breathe.
A tangled puzzle solves
itself as the ends unravel.
Give me the shovel,
I know it's time;
I'm already six feet under,
so finish the job this time.

A slow smile, a mellowed heart;
melancholy, I know this isn't the start.
It's too late, time come and gone;
this cannot go on.
There haven't been any hands or arms
all along,
but You like to defy the hardhearted and the careless.
And if I'm falling, I will let go,
because my grip only tears my muscles
and causes the breaks for which I am so despised.
I know that I cannot win,
but perhaps,
it's beginning to look up
at the end.