"It's Life, After All"*

Posted as part of Project 365 - for the day: May 3, 2012

Friends will be your friends
or people will be less;
family doesn't always know what it means
for blood to be thicker than the water all around you.
Some people will stick with friendly,
others will choose to be your enemy,
and some will be your friend for but a moment
before they pass you on by.

Some people will misjudge you,
some people will celebrate you,
others will forget that you ever existed.
People will pass you on the streets
without batting an eye.
People will pass you off
and never tell you why.

Family won't always be there;
easily, they'll forget to care;
people will be people and sometimes,
they'll grind it home to you
just who they care about most.

You'll face heartaches;
you'll carry on anyway.
You'll learn how to breathe
when you're torn;
you'll learn how to be
stronger than your wounds.

Mending takes a little longer
than we'd like.
Hurting can leave scars
you'll carry for life.

Buck up, my lovely;
lift your chin.
I've been through devastation
and I will again.
Things will be tough,
the road'll get rough,
love won't seem like enough,
because you're never given enough,
but things will look up—
they have to look up—
they always look up
even when we don't want to.

*Written for the She's the First Voice Your Verse poetry scholarship, answering the question, "If the world were your classroom, what would you teach a girl?" I thought of one of the biggest "lessons" I keep being taught about people and how to hold on.