"We've read his letter. He has the right idea. We need to teach the world what happens to us. What people are driving us to do, even if it means sacrificing our own lives, because we're not doing this for us, but for the kids in the future. We need to protect them. Make sure they don't go through what we did." Greg says, sitting across from me. My five friends, Tammy, Greg, Rebecca, Carlos, Johnny, and I are sitting in the library talking about this letter a kid wrote before he offed himself. Suicide note sort of thing. It talked about kids like him should rise up and take revenge on the bullies and show the world what happens when it turns it's back on us and all that. After the kid wrote the letter he went to his school, shot another kid, and then shot himself. I guess the kid he shot was the big bully at school. He didn't die though. He'll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but he's not dead. "What do you think guys? Don't you think we deserve a chance to be heard, a chance to get our revenge on the people who wronged us?"

"It's not a bad idea, but do you really think it could work though? Who's going to record it without being found out and arrested? How are we going to go about doing this? Do we capture them and then do it or just, like, go into the cafeteria and start blasting some damn heads off?" Rebecca asks. Reb is always thinking about every possible outcome. Like, if you ever play chess with her she will take one hour just to make one move. It drives me insane. Sometimes she just needs to do something spontaneous... But she's wicked smart and a total electronics geek. That's why she's here. Everyone makes fun of her for it and the other day in the girls locker room I heard they beat her in the showers and stuffed her in her locker. She hasn't said anything about it to us though. "I don't think we'll be able to pull it off, and the letter said that every kid like us will do this, so do we have to get in contact with other kids and try to convince to do this or do we just let it happen?"

"For the love of all that is hell, shut the hell up, Reb." Tammy hisses. Tammy was the loud, I don't give a damn, kind of girl. She used to stand up to the bullies and fight back, but recently she's been backing down. She just takes whatever insults and physical abuse comes her way. She's become really depressed and whenever I see her, her eyes are always red and puffy. Her Dad died a month ago and just last week her Mom just left the house. She's living with her sister at the moment."I don't care how we do it, but I'm in. Those bastards have done enough. I want to teach them what it's like to be tortured for no reason." Tam says, slamming her fists on the table. Suddenly, out of no where, a librarian walks up and shushes us.

"Damn librarians, they're like god damn ninjas or something..." Johnny mutters, fidgeting with his bracelet. I don't know much about him. He tends to stay pretty quiet. He has the most reason to. His Dad went apeshit one night and murdered his Mom, his brother, the damn dog... I know, who the hell kills a dog. Anyway, the only reason he's alive is because he was on the roof looking at the sky. He told me that was his escape. "I guess I'm in... Gotta do something with my life. Why not change the world?" Johnny goes back to messing with his bracelet. He's already back in his own little world. Probably where his family is back together and happy and all that. We all do that. Create our own little world we can go to when life's becoming too much. When we need to see their faces as we saw them... Or wanted to see them.

"I'm all in. We really do need to plan it out though. One slip up could fuck us all over. Also, I think we should reach out to the other kids and get them involved. Kids like us. Like the letter said 'One day we're all going to rise as one and take revenge on the bullies'. Just the six of us won't do anything. The more people who do this the more people that will see." Carlos says, getting really excited. "We can like set up a website, and I'm sure Reb knows how to do it so no one can take it down. How to get kids on the website is going to be a little harder." Carlos puts his head in his hands and now he's in total thinking mode. Nothing and no one will get through, what he likes to call, his thinking wall. Carlos is kind of a sad kid. He tries not to show it, but sometimes I can see it in his eyes. His Dad left his family when he was ten, his Mom's addicted to heroine and steals his money, and he gets beat up at school all the time. I think he's been cutting himself too. He's been wearing long-sleeved shirts for a couple months now and it's been fair weather.

"Alright, what about you, Victor?" Greg asks me. "You in or out?"

"Do you even have to ask, Greg?" I reply, smiling. My life is complete shit. I wake up in the morning and get yelled at by my Mom, then I go to school and get beat up by the jocks, and then finally I go home and get beat by my Dad for not being home before him. So, I do want in. I want to get away from my family and by doing it this way I might save people from being bullied, and from the darkness in themselves. "Count me in, dude. It's time the world got a wake up call."

"Alright, let's meet up behind school tomorrow. This place is too quiet. Anyone can hear us. Now, put yours hands in if you're up for it." Greg says, putting his own hand in first. All of us, except Rebecca, put our hands in. "Rebecca..."

"I don't want to hurt anyone... If I do then I'll be just like the people I hate. I can't do that." Reb answers, looking at her hands, which are on her lap.

"We'll find a job for you. You don't have to get your hands dirty, but we do need you. We need your intelligence. So, please help us, Reb." Carlos says, giving her a puppy dog look.

That's some evil shit.

"Alright, fine..." Reb says, putting her hand on top of ours. She's looking down like she's disappointed in herself.

"Okay... Oh, and Vit. Can you bring your camera?" Greg asks me, with a weird grin on his face.

"Why? Going to make a sex tape with you and your hand?" I retort, making the others, even Johnny, burst out laughing.

"No, asshole. You'll see tomorrow."

"Okay, okay. See everyone tomorrow." I say as the bell rings, which marks the end of school. We grab our bags, say goodbye and go home. None of us really knew the hell that was going to ensue the next day. What we've started... It'll change many lives.


A/N: Hey, thanks everybody for reading. I hope you liked it. I got the inspiration for this story from two things: A one-shot, Revenge, in my one-shot series of kids who commit suicide, called The Unwanted and the Unloved. The other thing was the movie The Final. Great movie, a must see in my opinion. Anyway, I hope to update often. Also, thanks to my BETA MyWeirdWorld and thanks to my girlfriend for saving me from this fate.