"Catherine, I am coming for you, my princess. Just hold on." I shout, blocking the strike of an axe by a mighty troll with my own steel sword, which I can hear groaning with every strike of the trolls axe. The troll, who stole my princess so she could do whatever he commanded her to do, lifts the axe above his head and brings it down with such speed I barely have enough time to dodge it. The blade of the axe shatters the floors where I stood, but it bit too deep into the earth and now it's stuck.

"Ferdinand, look out!" Catherine shouts as a chunk of the ceiling falls and comes hurdling towards me. Suddenly the floor gives way underneath me and I start falling. The giant stone blocks the whole I fell through. Monsters with wings made of patched together skin surround me, their long beaks snap at me as I try swinging my sword at them, but they easily dodge my feeble attempts and cackle. I can hear the ground rushing up to meet me and I brace myself for impact, even though it will surely shatter every bone in my body.

But when I think I hit the ground I can feel myself standing. The stone is once again sturdy under my feet, and I can here something big coming at me. I open my eyes and I see the troll coming at me, his axe already coming up to rain down on its target. With my sword firmly grasped in my hand I take off sprinting to my left, hoping the ugly beast runs into the giant stone wall that was behind me, but I hear it's heavy feet change directions. Catherine tries to shout something to me, a warning I think, but her words are lost over the thundering sound of the trolls feet pounding the stone floor as he's trying to catch me.

I hear more foot steps behind me. They're lighter and faster than the trolls. I dare a glance behind me and I see the troll's pet, a giant black widow spider, scurrying after me. All eight of its eyes are staring right at me. If I'm not careful I will be its next meal. I unsheathe my dagger and launch it at the spider, but with all of its eyes trained on me it saw every movement and was ready to counter it. It jumped up, shot a thick, milky colored web, which caught the dagger, and it flipped in the air. At just the right moment it cut the web off and dagger shot straight at me. It pierced my armor and went right through my heart. I crumble to my feet.

Somehow the pain quickly subsides and I feel perfectly fine, and I'm standing once more at the wall. The dagger is back in its sheath. This time my eyes snap open and I quickly notice that the troll is still running after me. Again, he raises the axe above his head. I take my dagger out once more and hurl it at the beast. It buries itself deep into the head of the troll and he collapses instantly. "Ferdinand, look out!" I hear Catherine shout again. I look up expecting another piece of the roof to come crashing down on me, but something collides with me and I go down. It's the troll's pet, its fangs already bared. I bring my sword up in my last attempt to kill the beast, but one of its many legs kicks it from my grasp. It makes the final lunge at me and I feel its fangs bite deep into my chest. The pain is so excruciating I black out.


"God damn it! I hate that damn spider. It kills me every time. Alright, let's try this again." I say, picking up the controller, which I dropped the last time I died. I've been playing this game for two days now, and I finally got to the last level, but I can't seem to beat it.

"Hey, Luke... Can you put that up? I really want to talk to you about something." Loreli says, her voice quiet.

"Can you give a little bit, babe? There aren't any save points in this game and I'm at the last level." I ask, already starting the level up.

"Luke... Please..." She asks, her voice cracking a little. I look up and I can see she's trying not to cry. Without a second thought I put down the controller, turn off the game and go comfort my fiancee, because at the end of the day, Loreli is more important to me than some game.


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