This pillowbook is going to be delving into my everyday life as well as my musings on life in general, and how I feel about my life. So, here goes.

I auditioned for a solo in chorus, and I also had my seating audition for orchestra yesterday. Seating auditions are mandatory, but for the solo? I want to get that solo, even though I'm nervous to sing in front of so many others by myself. Even the teacher. And I want to do really well on my seating audition, because I want first chair again like in sixth grade (but that was when orchestra was just our grade. Now we have the year above with us as well). I want my name to be known. I want people to see that I am great at singing and playing violin. I don't want to be known just for my grades.

I am not one of those people who want to spend their lives forever on center stage. And I was never the child to go up to their mother and say "I wanna be a star". I never said that. I never say that now. But for once, I want to be known. I want the spotlight before I fade into the sea of faces once again.