Summary: Lauren has been hunted all her life by demon hunters, who would love to see her dead. Now, she is at a new school and trying to fit in as a normal "human." Will she be able to defeat whoever it is that is hunting her? Is there anyone that she can trust? Or, will she end up showing the whole world exactly what she is? Please read and review. No flaming please or you will be blocked.

I wrote this with the help of roseofnoonvale.

One: A New Start

I stared out the window of the school bus, trying to memorize the route, I always hated being the new kid; you know the kid that is always stared at because she's different.

I had to move around a lot because of what I was because of my darkest secret. I was being hunted because of who I am, and I didn't want to anyone to get hurt and my mom always told me to trust no one.

My train of thought was soon broken when the bus jerked to a stop and my head bangs into the seat in front of me. I now had a major headache that made me want to throw-up. There was a guy that was tall, had dark hair, and was well built.

As he walked down the aisle I couldn't help feel as if I had seen him before. However I didn't have time to dwell on this because he was standing in front of me.

"Mind If I sit down?"

"No… Not really," I said, and moved my things into my lap to make room.

He sat down next to me, and smiled, "Thanks, the names Damien."

"Welcome, mines Lauren," I replied

He was quiet for but a moment before asking, "You new here?"

"Yep," I answered, not wanting to talk to anyone, let alone this guy.

"Me too, can I see your schedule," He asked.

"Sure," I said, and handed him the slip of paper.

He scanned the paper then handed it back to me." We've got four classes together," he points out," You wanna see mine?"

"No, not really," he said, taking the slip of paper back, and starting staring out the window again.

"Oh… Okay," He said sounding pretty hurt and depressed, I wondered if he had a reason that he chose to sit with me

I stared out the window for what seemed like hours when we arrived to my new school. I was your average small town high school but it was safer for my health, and my life had to throw the hunters off tack.

I got off and made a b-line for my first period, I was the last person to arrive and to my dismay the only seat that was empty was beside Damien.

"Oh god," I mumbled to myself as I set my bag down, and sat down

"Hey," he smiled, but I tried to ignore him but he repeated, "Hey."

"Huh, What?" I snapped, not wanting want to talk to this guy at all.

"Sorry," He said sounding hurt.

After a while the teacher up. "My name is Ms. Elaine, I hope you enjoy where you're sitting, because that is where you're going to sit for the rest of the year," she said as the students in the back moaned and moaned.

I didn't have the best seat, but it would have been better if Damien wasn't sitting beside me for the rest of the damn year.

As class went on, I dazed in and out and thought of what I had in store for me next. When the bell rand, I rushed to my lock where I found a note. I picked it up and read it. The words on the note made my blood ran cold

Shape shift,

I know what you are. Beware, for soon death will be knocking on your front door.


Oh shit, I thought to myself, I had never knew that the hunter could have tracked my so quickly, unless he had followed my tracks. There were many hunters that wanted to destroy me, but I had no idea who it was.

"Hey," I heard a pricy female voice from behind me, "you the new girl?"

I turned to see a short girl that had to weigh a hundred pounds soaking wet, wild red curls, bright green eyes, and I swear she had the most freckles that I've ever seen."

"Yeah, and you are?" I said, not wanting to make any friends here, because at this point, I didn't know who the hunter was, and there was no point in making friends if I was just going to move away when the hunter finds us.

Brittney, what's your name?" she followed me as I headed towards my next class, but it turned out that we were in the same damn class. I sat down, and as she went to sit in seat behind me she tripped, spilling paper on the floor. There was no way she could have been the hunter, hunters are very graceful, while this girl was a total klutz

I could hear some of my classmates laughing and I could see tears forming in Brittney's eyes and with a sigh, I knelt down and helped pick up her stuff, she sat and the seat and she was still crying and I felt so bad for her. When the teacher came in she told us to talk quietly and I knew that this would be one of those class where you did nothing.

"So, er, you okay?" I asked, and I felt so sorry for her.

"Y—yeah," she answered, holding back tears, but not doing a great job. "Why are they so mean to me?" she asked herself and buried her face into her sleeve. I didn't say anything, all I did was watched her sob.

After a minute or so, she wiped her eyes, "Sorry about that. Now what did you say your name was?"

Lauren," I answered, with a smile, what will one friend hurt.

She smiled and started blabbing a million words a minute. We can be best friends, have sleepovers, Oh and we can do each other's nails, hair anything," she sounded like she had one cup of coffee too many. It seemed that I was her first real friend that she had ever had and it kind of made me feel good that she was so happy


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