"Everybody, form into T formation... Move it!" Cain shouts over the sounds of the rushing wind and flapping wings.. We all come together as one to form a T with the front four being Cain, Adam, Cain's friend, I'll call him blood wings for now, and Henry. While Bathory, Cain's other friend, I'm going to call her Forest Nymph, Midas and I make up the tail end. "No matter what happens do not break the formation. Let him try to exploit the..." Cain's sentence is cut short as Adam charges at Chamuel and his force of fifty angels. "Adam, get back here. No!" Cain bellows.

"You bastard! Why did you take her away from me?" Adam yells, taking out his long sword, the blade of which is turning a bright red, and with one mighty swing of his sword he not only severs the wings of many of Chamuel's angels, but the stone which surrounds us for miles crack and huge chucks fall to the ground. What lies in its wake will be no more.

"You both were judged. One was judged more harshly. You must deal with the consequences of your actions." Chamuel says calmly. He takes the bow and arrows from around his shoulder and fires two arrows at Adam, both missing by mere inches.

"But she ate the fruit as well as I! You are just biased and are too proud to admit that you still, as an arch angel, fancy women!" Adam retorts. He swings his blade at Chamuel's angels once again, but this time they repel his attack.

"She was lied and manipulated to by the devil. It was not her fault that it happened." Chamuel unleashes a whole volley of holy arrows, but they are easily cast aside with a swipe of Adam's sword, which is now starting to shine brighter than the fire that burned his very soul while his heart still beat. "And you are one to talk about pride. You let your pride and anger twist your memories." Chamuel says, smiling a wicked grin. He's trying to make Adam angry enough to the point where he will make a mistake and destroy himself.

"Adam, calm yourself! You can't let what he did to you effect this! You will doom us all!" Henry says, as he brandishes his axe at the angels. "For the love of Mary... Cain and Midas, get Adam under control. You two ladies cover them. The rest follow me. We still have a job to do." Another flash of lightning zips by, but this time you can feel the power behind it. Henry swiftly spins around, and as he does so he channels his sin into his axe, which glows a deep blue, and let's forth a powerful wave of energy. Not only does it sever the wings of five angels, but it also decapitates them. Their lifeless bodies fall back towards the ground.

I unsheathe my short, curved, saber and cut down angels as I follow Henry to our target. I can still hear Chamuel and Adam shouting at each other. "My memories are perfectly fine. I still remember the pity you took on your poor little Eve." Adam says. He tries to swing his sword once more, but Cain and Midas seize his arms and push him away from Chamuel, who laughs at Adam's inability to control himself. Bathory swings her short double edged sword at any angel risky enough to step forward.

"Henry, we must attack Chamuel while he is distracted by Adam's fury." I tell Henry, who I hope listens to my advice, for he isn't one to accept help from others. He is a 'I can do this without anyone's help' kind of guy. He'd be attempting this mission by himself if Andras didn't appoint all of us. "Come on, Henry!" I shout, but Henry just keeps on flying through the angels, trying to get rid of as many as he can. "Fine! You, the one with blue and green wings, what's your name?" I point to Cain's female friend.

"My name is Venessa." She says, grasping her spear, the point of which is admitting a bright green glow. Her voice sounds familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. It's probably nothing.

"I want you to head straight for Chamuel. Try to get close to him. Make him want you to come closer. You heard what Adam said. He has a weakness for women and I want you to exploit that. Go, I'll cover you." I say, raking my short blade across the chest of an angel who got just a little to close. There seems to be an unlimited amount of angels coming to aid Chamuel.

Venessa quickly and gracefully flies over and around every angel that tries to get in her way. I'm right behind her leaving a path of emptiness behind me as I cut down angel after angel, trying to keep up. The air around me is becoming cooler and cooler the closer I get to Chamuel. Finally, we reach the arch angel, whose eyes are fixated on Venessa, and he says "Ah, who is this colorful winged creature before me? You must be one of them."

"I can be whatever you want me to be. I here to help you. To serve you." Venessa bows her head. "Your wish is my command." She says. Her words even slightly affect me and I am almost drawn to her, but Henry's shouting of obscenities and the sounds of the dying shake me from her trance.

"Come closer, slowly." Chamuel says, suspiciously. "Why do you wish to switch allegiances, especially now in the heat of our battle?" Chamuel's eyes don't even blink as they stare intently at Venessa, captivated by her beauty and words.

"I only serve those who are powerful, and these fools would not know what true power was unless it clipped their wings. But you, my Lord, are truly powerful, and that is why I wish to serve you." She says, putting more power into her words as she slowly gets closer and closer to Chamuel. "Will you accept my offer of my allegiance?"

Chamuel doesn't think even for one second before answering the beautiful woman's question. "Of course. You would be a great asset in this hellish war." He says. Venessa smiles at his response and gets as close as she can to him.

"Thank you, my Lord... Thank you for letting me prove my worth." She smiles, but there is a slight wickedness hidden in her words.

"It is my pleasure to welcome you into the hands of..." Chamuel gets no further as Venessa drives her spear straight up into his skull. The bright green glow of her spear point shines through any crevice it can escape from.

"God should keep his hands to himself." She says. Suddenly, Chamuel's head starts swelling up and he screams louder than a banshee. The green glow becomes brighter and brighter as his head grows bigger and bigger. Then his head explodes and his body begins to fall. The sounds of battle around us stop as the angels and other members of my legion watch until the body of the fallen Chamuel hits the ground.


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