The day the world ended as he knew it, the clock on his desk gave a beep that it was midnight and Starkson hadn't moved from his place at the desk. His assistant Anna watched him for about ten to fifteen minutes in the dark corner of the room. She'd worked for him for the past half-decade and she still didn't know him any better than when she started out. She went wherever he went, and during the long hours in the road they talked and after all this time it felt like he knew everything about her and she knew nothing about him, "Sir?"

"Is it done?"

She nodded, "Yes sir, the South Facility has been destroyed…um…they, they called in the army to take care of it, sir. Once the police figured out that this was a lot bigger than they could handle, they started calling in everyone they could think of until someone showed up."

"Hm," he nodded and didn't move from his seat, "Well it doesn't matter. As long as the investment has escaped then I'll worry about the government in the morning."

It was then that Anna realized that she hated him. While she knew what would happen tonight, she wasn't in the position to do anything about it. On the other hand, her boss not only knew that Naomi would destroy the Facility by whatever means she had, and he did everything he could to enable it. He had the power and connections for heaven's sake and he did nothing but encourage it! Why? Because destiny said so and he was going to make sure that he helped destiny along just as long as he got power and comfort.

And from his expression, it was like he was sad that this happened. Like it honestly depressed him about the loss even though he knew it was coming and he could've prevented it. Or even if he couldn't have prevented it, he could've at least tried!

Maybe this wouldn't have happened if he'd left Naomi well on her own.

"So, what happens now?" she asked angrily.

"We pack everything salvageable and get out of here. The government will pretend that they don't know we exist and they're going to use this was an excuse to slip in and take control and we cannot let that happen, the last thing our government needs is knowledge of a plan that they don't even come close to understanding."

"So, what do you suggest we do?"

He sat a few minutes in silence, "Anna, being a leader means that you have to make decisions that aren't always morally right to protect others. We can't let the government have these people, but we can't let them go as they're dangerous…send word to all the Facilities that are left. Tell them to pack up the research, evacuate the personnel and send the children that have been born in that place to the orphanages and then set everything to self-destruct.

She felt her stomach clench, he was truly a monster if he could give that order so calmly. She didn't need to remind him that if everything self-destructed then the prisoners...everyone that their research was based on would be killed. And it wasn't just this Facility that they were currently at. He was talking about every building all over the world, all 72 of them.

"Anna," he repeated, "Give the order."

"No," she said on the verge of panic, did he really think that he was sparing the children any harm? Those were their parents about to die in there, "I can't"

"Anna," he said her name again impatiently…almost as if she were disobeying an order to get him coffee, "What we do to them will be far more merciful to what the government does to them. Now give the order or I will.

Her eyes clouded with tears, but she blinked them away. She couldn't cry in front of him, "No."

"What do you think you're proving with this?" he demanded, "The orders will still happen regardless of whether or not you follow my orders."

"At least I'll be able to live with myself afterwards."

He shook his head in amusement, "Is that what you honestly still believe? Knowing something happens despite your attempts to fight it isn't a comforting thought dear. It's just failure."

"It's not always wrong to lose."

"Believe me, Anna. This isn't the worst order I've ever given."

She'd only been with him for half a decade. She'd seen him do heinous things and give vile orders but none as sick as this.

And yet for some reason, she didn't doubt that statement.

Now that she was safe, Naomi felt like she could sleep for two weeks.

She and her brother walked for she didn't know how long before he found a car worth hotwiring. She was in the back and asleep before the engine even started. She didn't want to but her ability drained her if she used it too much. That combined with the adrenaline high crashing and the walking left her dead on her feet.

She was hoping that she'd settle into a dreamless sleep but she was wrong. Her dreams were troubled and she saw the terrified faces over and over of the people she'd hurt or killed. She had to tell herself that she was safe now and she could relax but she still felt on edge. Like all her senses were screaming that something was wrong.

Maybe she just needed to get used to her surroundings again. After all, days of being constantly on edge and afraid to sleep had probably taken its toll and she needed to readjust.

It was well past noon when she woke again. The sun was slowly starting to sink in the west and as she lay there, she began to think about what she'd done. People were dead now because of her. Innocent people put in the same situation as her were now dead, she couldn't justify this…not all the people that had died yesterday had harmed her. She imagined that a lot of them there didn't harm anyone. Sure, the Facility justified it by saying that they kept the worst of the worst there but who made that decision? Was Joseph really the worst? Or Able? Or were they put there because of the Guardian's agenda and the stealing was just an excuse?

People were dead now because of her and that had been the very thing she wanted to avoid.

How did she live with herself now?

She quickly became aware that the car wasn't moving, and her brother wasn't in there with her, but she didn't panic. If the Facility had gotten him, then they would've grabbed her almost immediately. And she didn't want to lift her head and look out the window for him because he would know she was awake. And she couldn't face him, not after what she did. Not after seeing all those people and what she did to them.

Instead she began to cry, she needed to get it out of her system now. She told herself that her brother had come out of this stronger and she needed to as well. He had gone through far worse.

She needed to make herself stronger mentally as quickly as she could. Something told her that this was far from over and the Facility wasn't going to give her up without a fight. She couldn't be weak emotionally, that was her downfall the first time.

She cried until about twenty minutes later, she drifted off again.