Kyrie propped her legs up on the only free spot of the coffee table and watched Able as he set his bags in the front hall, "Well, that didn't take you long."

He didn't look at her, but his shoulders were sagging, like they were defeated, "Don't give me that tone. I've tried to make this work and I can't. I have a wife that I love with all my heart and a son that's growing like a weed without me being there. And I can't abandon them for this. I did what I set out to do and I've exceeded my part in that bartain."

She tilted her head, "How so?"

"I was brought in to get a weapon from the Facility, and we did that. I said I'd stay until we got Naomi out, and we did that. I've made promise after promise to my wife and most of them I've had to break. It's not fair to them and it's not fair to me. It's time I go home."

She nodded and suddenly felt very embarrassed for the way she'd responded to him just a few seconds ago, and earlier, "Well, be careful," she looked down at the pictures of the destroyed Facilities that her friends had sent her, "There are a lot less electricians out there now. You just became a valuable commodity."

The sight in the photos made her sick, and she put her head in her hands. Part of her should be happy that they'd gotten Naomi out, but she was having a hard time expressing her joy. Thousands were dead and hurt. She didn't know where Frederic was and she'd planted herself here right in the middle of their little team break up. She didn't know about Lisa, but at least Able had somewhere he could go. Unfortunately, she didn't.

ABle was by her side before she realized that he'd moved and he put his hand gently on her shoulder, "I need you to watch out for them, alright?"

She nodded. She wanted to tell him that she'd call him if she needed him, but that was just like offering alcohol to a recovering drunkard.

"Okay," he drew a shakey breath, "I've set up everything so that you can use it with a keyboard, and there's enough money in the accounts to last you all awhile."


He leaned forward, "I'll come back one day. We'll be a team again."

"You don't look like you believe that."

He looked at the photos and shook his head in disgust, "I will. We can't let the Guardians get away with this."

As the hours wore on, Naomi could hardly believe that she was home again. It felt…different than what she was expected. She couldn't relax, because if she did she was afraid that the hallucination would be lifted, or she would wake up and find that she was still trapped with no hope of escape.

She grilled her brother constantly, asking him questions that only they would know the answers too. She may've talked to Bernard Harving a lot when they shared adjoining cells, but she hardly revealed anything about her teammates or family.

Joseph took Naomi to her room and only left her side when Lisa gave her a check over and returned when Lisa hooked her up to an IV to rehydrate her. And then the questions began. He asked her everything from information about their torture to her father; she answered him honestly and told him everything she knew; especially about Harving and Starkson. When she was done, he told her everything that he'd gone through while she was gone, including Kyrie and their father joining up and Jane's death.

She held his hand tightly, at first she'd been afraid that this was another hallucination that Bernard had put her through, but now she was convinced that it wasn't. It still didn't stop her form fearing that at the last minute, it'd all come crashing down as a lie. So she clung to her brother as tightly as possible.

Tears came down her face at Jane's death, but for some reason she couldn't…feel anything. She figured that she was too tired but it scared her nonetheless. Jane was important to all of them, and Naomi felt that she could relate to her most of all because Jane was just as new to the Superhuman world as she was, even though she'd been created with the sole purpose of existing in it.

Joseph gave a tired yawn and rested his head on her bed, she took that opportunity to ask him the question that she'd been wanting to ask for awhile now, "Is he dead?"

Joseph shook his head, "I doubt it. He wouldn't be stupid enough to really be standing there with a gun pointed at you; he was just messing with our minds. A projection, I guess, would explain it."

She put her hand against her eyes and looked at the ceiling, "He's going to come back."

"I know," he whispered.

"If he can mess with my mind, then how am I supposed to know that what I see is real?"

"I don't know," he told her honestly, "I think we're in over our head and we need all hands on board and they're all leaving. There's nothing that I can do to stop them."

"Well, we have Kyrie," she said with a hint of a smile, "At least that's something."

"Not much though. You can't do much in half a minute."

"Enough," she replied.

"We'll get back together again." Joseph told himself more than her, "The Facilities have been destroyed, some of the prisoners might've escaped. I know that some of the ones at your location did, and they'll expose themselves sooner rather than later. The government will pretend not to know us and send their men after every superhuman whose left and it'll be the Facility all over again except it'll be worse because they won't just go after Superhumans who use their ability to break the law. They'll go after everyone."

"How long?"

He shrugged, "They better hope they destroyed all the files or else we're in trouble again."

"Government…superhumans that can mess with your mind, the team leaving…" she trailed off. How did it come to this so quickly? She was only gone for a week and the world was about to be turned on its head, "What do we do?"

Joseph leaned back, "We take a small break and let everything cool down. And then we jump in and try to stop Bernard Harving. I don't care if it's just the two of us. No one else is going to do it."

She nodded, but she began shaking. She didn't like this, if they went against Harving then it put her more in his eyesight and he'd find her. But if they didn't try to hunt him, and he came after her, then she was still in the same amount of trouble and would know even less about him. And next time she might not be so lucky. What if she had to rely on just herself next time? There was no way that she could do that with the training and mentally she had now. She had to get stronger and her brother was the only one that could get her ready.

"When do we start?"



The first thing they did when putting Frederic and Trinidad in the jeep was tie their hands with rope and place heavy suffocating black bags over their head. Frederic struggled at first, but it was futuile when he realized that he just wasn't going to get out of his situation. So, he sat back and enjoyed the ride. It was worth it in his opinion to hear Trinidad's short fearful breaths next to him.

While they drove, Frederic made a mental map of where they were going. He knew the areas around the Facility pretty well and so thanks to that he knew they were just driving them around in circles to try and get them lost.

Obviously it failed.

When they stopped, and someone grabbed him roughly by his bloodstained longsleeve shirt and dragged him out. He had guessed that they were in the richer part of town and much to his satisfaction, he realized he was right. The old abandoned Montgomery mansion was the only place in town that had a gate that had to be operated manually. The loud creak signified that he was standing right outside in front of it. Tey shoved him forward and he nearly tripped but managed to keep his balance without giving the near fall away. He heard Trinidad completely crash down behind him and even with the bag over his head; it took everything Frederic had not to smirk. .

The bag was ripped from his head and he breathed in the fresh air, "Finally! It was getting a bit stale in there you know."

One of the guards backhanded him, his face jerked to the side and the metallic taste of his own blood filled his mouth. He spit it out and gave a smile, "Is that the best you could possibly do?"

The man grabbed his rifle and lifted it up to hit him, Frederic wanted to close his eyes and wince at the blow but he wasn't going to give THIS man the satisfaction.

"Alright Johan, that's enough."

The man immediately dropped the rifle and moved out of the way. Frederic drew in a shocked breath when he saw Naomi walk down the stairs of the mansion. She was dressed in black pants and a black shirt with a grey wool long coat over it, but he could clearly see that she was heavily pregnant. A simple gold ring on her finger made him wonder who she was married to, but part of him was afraid to think about it.

But her face was what really worried him. She was too gaunt, and even though she looked her age physically, there was…just something about her face that made her look older beyond her years, especially in her eyes. There was no happiness to see him, but there was no sign of anger, or sadness that he was used to seeing when she was at the Facility. In fact, there was absolutely no emotion at all.

He'd seen that before, in other Superhumans; the more dangerous ones. He realized in shocking fear as she held out her hand to a soldier and accepted a gun that she might not be his daughter anymore.

"Hello father," she greeted numbly, "I see you brought a Guardian with you."

"Naomi," he said slowly, he knew he had to be careful when he talked to her, "What's going on?"

Wordlessly, she raised the gun at Trinidad and pulled the trigger. He hit the ground without a word; a bullet hole was between his eyes.

Frederic backed into one of the soldiers in shock and terror at what she just did. She just killed a man in cold blood. Several panicking thoughts rushed through his mind. Was he next? Or was she going to have him tortured? Did he even know that he betrayed the Facility to get her out of there? Did she know anything of what he'd risked to save her?

She watched the body until she was satisfied and gave the gun to the guard next to her, "Now father, we can talk."