Luke Sablone ran down the stairs of the subway. He pushed past a slowing walking fat man, who yelled "Hey!" at this.

Luke ignored him. He jumped off the stairs and ran down the dirty tunnel, to the gate where passengers would swipe their metro cards and step out onto the subway platform.

The killer ignored this. He shoved another person who was blocking the turnstile and leaped over the three bars. He landed on his, feet, making an old lady jumped. Luke stood up and ran down the subway train currently sitting next to the platform.

The doors began to close as Luke ran toward them. He narrowed his eyes, and put on a final burst of speed, sticking his hand through the closing doors. They automatically reopened and the killer stepped onto the train. A woman leaning on the subway car's walls glared angrily at him and muttered something about being late.

Luke turned away from her and scanned the train. There were too many people aboard. All mashed together inside the tiny little car, waiting impatiently for the doors to close. Just the sort of environment a demon could easily hide in.

Luke stepped forward, scanning each individual passenger. They all gave him funny looks, and stepped out of his way as he moved through the subway car. A loud electronic voice blared over the intercom, "Stand clear of the closing doors please!" With that, the door hissed close and the train began to move off.

Luke grabbed onto a handlebar for support as the train began to pick up speed. He kept scanning the crowded car, until his eyes rested on a person next to another set of doors.

The person looked like teenage boy, about seventeen or eighteen. He was wearing a white T-Shirt, and a brown jacket. A pair of black fingerless gloves were on his hairs, the words "Mushroomhead" on each glove. His hair was black and cut short. He wore a backwards baseball cap over it, a skull tapped to the front of cap.

The kid appeared to be listening to his iPod, and was tapping his foot on the floor. However, Luke knew what he really was. Every so often, the kid would look up and looked out the window into the dark tunnel outside. When he did this, the teenage kid's eyes would very briefly flash a sickly yellow color.

Luke slowly approached him, fishing his right hand into his pocket. The kid ignored him, and the killer didn't look at him. Then, as Luke was moving past the teenager, he whirled about, grabbing the kid by the neck and slamming him into the wall.

"What the hell you doing man?" The kid yelled, his hat flying off. The subway passengers turned to look. Luke would have to make this fast, before they interfered.

"Help me!" The kid yelled, hitting Luke's arms with his fists. "Somebody get this psycho off me!"

"You're killing days are over, demon," Luke whispered. The teenager halted at the mention of the word "demon". His eyes narrowed and he gave a hiss.

"So…you are the one that's been stalking me," The kid growled. His voice was more animalistic now, and much deeper. "I thought I saw someone chasing me on my way here."

"You're killing spree is ended," Luke hissed. He raised his right fist. In it was clutched a knife in the shape of a cross. "Go back to he-"

A pair of strong hands grabbed Luke by the back of his shirt and tugged him off the demon. The demon killer turned his head, and saw a buff looking man pulling him backwards.

"Get off of me!" Luke snarled, raising his knife. The man didn't respond but continued to pull him away from the demon. "Let me go now or that thing is going to kill us all!"

"The famous demon killer…" The demon hissed. The people in the subway all looked at him, probably confused by his voice change. "I've heard stories about you. You've been slaughtering our kind for years, trying to drive us off Earth permanently."

The man holding Luke loosened his grip, and the demon killer took to the opportunity to rip himself loose. He faced the demon, who grinned.

"You've been a thorn in my master's side for a very long time!" The demon hissed. "If I kill you, he will give me a huge reward!"

The demon then made a gurgling noise and his back bent forward. His arms cracked and twisted into unnatural shapes. He fell to the floor, supporting himself on his arms and legs. The demons mouth opened wide, far wider then any human mouth could. His skin stretched backwards, almost like it was ripping off of him. The demon's snarled and raised his head at Luke, the yellow color overtaking his eyes completely.

Luke pocketed the knife carefully, and then pulled out his 44. Magnum from his pocket. He aimed it at the demon's head, pulling back the safety.

The people around him screamed, and one man yelled, "He's got a gun!" The people to the back of the car, huddling together, watching as Luke squeezed the trigger and fired a single shot at the crouching demon.

The demon roared, and suddenly shot up into the air. The bullet missed him, blowing apart one of the subway car's windows instead. Cold air rushed into the car, as the glass fell onto the floor. The demon twisted in midair, landing feet first on the ceiling. He crawled along the ceiling at blinding speed, leaping off of it at Luke.

Luke dodged the falling demon, who slammed against the floor instead. The demon snarled in anger, turning around and running straight at the demon killer. The monster gave a howl, jumping onto Luke and snapping at him with its stretched mouth.

Luke wrestled against the demon, dodging its snapping mouth. He ran forward, slamming the demon against the wall. The demon growled, but didn't let go of him, its hands grabbing the demon killer's left arm. It tried to pry the magnum loose from his grip, but the killer had a tight grip on it and managed to hold onto it.

Luke then grabbed something else inside his coat. He whipped out a small vial filled with water. The demon's yellow eyes went wide at the sight of the glass and it gave a horrid screamed, lunging forward and sinking its teeth into the demon killer's arm.

Luke gave a brief yell of pain, but quickly pushed it down. The demon tried to rip some of his skin off, but before it could do any damage, the demon killer smashed the glass against the side of the monster's face.

The demon screamed in pain, opening its mouth and letting go of Luke's arm. A bite mark was still on the demon killer's arm and a bit of blood had been drawn. Nothing serious.

The demon fell to the floor, the side of its face burning, flesh melting off it, exposing the creature's skull. It screamed louder and louder, until Luke raised his magnum and fired a single shot into the creature's head.

The demon's head exploded, splattering blood and brains all over its jacket. Its eyes turned from yellow to black, and it made a gurgling noise, before lying still on the floor.

Luke looked up. The people on the subway were starting at him with mixtures of horror, revulsion, and fear on their faces. The demon killed was used to looks like that.

The train suddenly came to a halt. The doors hissed open, and Luke stepped forward, pocketing his gun and disappearing into the crowd of people outside the subway train. He heard screams from inside the car, but kept walking, coming to the stairs that led back outside.