Luke stumbled out of Central Park. Gabriel moved along next to him. They were the only two left now. Luke had checked Bunko's body after Asmoedeus's death, and found she had died.

He had been very upset, although he didn't show it. He should have been expecting this, as there was no way all of them could have possibly survived this. But still…Luke didn't think he'd be the only one to survive this far. All of the Kami No Shimobe had fallen, without even getting in last words or taking their killers with them.

At least I avenged their deaths, Luke thought. Well…no, I didn't really. Gabriel did. I just helped him out.

They were now on the East Side, standing on an old cobblestone sidewalk. The body of a dead man was propped up against a bench nearby. The ruins of an army van sat nearby in a crumpled mess, while the remains of a soldier lay splattered all over its hood.

The apartment buildings were in even worse shape. The windows were smashed, deep claw marks were on a nearby doorway, and a huge gaping hole was in the front of one house. The body of a woman lay sprawled on the steps of a townhouse, as well as several chewed up squirrel corpses and the upper half of a dog.

Luke looked at Gabriel. The angel had his eyes narrowed and suddenly said, "Look out. Demons are approaching us."

Luke looked forward, raising his machine gun. Not many bullets left now. He saw a pair of figures riding down the road. They halted near the destroyed army vehicle, and the demon killer looked them over.

These demons had the body of a man, but their heads were that of an owl. Each one was carrying a bloodstained sword in their left hand. They were riding atop what looked like a wolf. However, the wolves had no eyes and snake-like tongues. They were also much larger then normal wolves. They were two of the owl-headed demons, and they each looked at Luke at the same time.

Andras demons, Luke thought to himself. They roam the dark corners of the earth, living the forests and the mountains. They often try to lure people to them by speaking in the voices of their best friends. They then use their mighty swords to cut up their victim and drag the person's remains to places unknown.

The first andras cocked its head, making a chattering noise, and steered the wolf it rode on forward. It rode closer to Luke's position. Gabriel stood forward and said, "Stay back."

"Luke…" The andras said. The demon killer realized with horror it was speaking in Bunko's voice. "Luke, come over here. I need your help."

Luke held himself in check. It's not her, he thought to himself. Bunko is dead. That monster is just using her voice. Look at it. It has the head of an owl, for Christ sake. It's not her.

"Luke!" The second andras demon was speaking now. It was using the voice of Akihiko. "Luke…help me. Help me. Help me."

"Shut up," Luke hissed, gritting his teeth. "Shut up!"

Both of the andras demons started chanting at once, Bunko and Akihiko's voices hammering into Lukes head. He screamed, dropping his gun and covering his ears to block out the horrid noise.

"STOP IT!" Luke screamed. "SHUT UP!"

"You will be silent," Gabriel hissed. The andras demons regarded him, before one spurred its wolf forward and charged the angel.

Luke uncovered his ears and watched the demon as it raised its sword, swinging it at Gabriel's head. But the angel summoned his own sword, and blocked the demon's strike. The andras's sword broke it half upon striking Gabriel's blade. The demon regarded the broken weapon and then made a hissing noise. Its wolf snarled, leaping at Gabriel.

But the angel stabbed the animal in the chest. The wolf howled in pain, as the sword cleave through its body. The andras demon fell off the wolf and hit the ground. The wolf struggled on the end of the sword, before Gabriel ripped the blade from it, grabbed the wolf's head, and blew it apart in a blast of holy energy.

The andras demon tried to run, but Gabriel fired another blast at it, hitting the demon in the back. The creature exploded, its pieces flying in every direction.

Gabriel turned, glaring at the second andras demon. The creature cocked its head, before turning its wolf in the opposite direction and riding off. It disappeared around the bend, vanishing from sight.

Gabriel pulled Luke to his feet and they walked off into the distance. A garbage bag blew in front of them.