Blank Face

A short story. (Part 1)

Hello. I'm Spencer Henson.

As a baby, I grew up in Utah and somehow ended up in Japan in a jiffy. Not sure why, I'm still asking myself this I walk down the hallways in school, thinking, why I am suddenly in Michigan!

My parents told me I'd only be here for a short time, and a short time it is! I will suddenly move on June 6th, only a couple days shy of the last day of school.

I won't be coming back.

At least I don't think it will. Anyways, this isn't the entire purpose of the story. These 3 girls are, and each one of them I can only tolerate so much. Oh, I think I forgot some people. The twenty girls that asked me out, that's who! Yep. Its true. TWENTY GIRLS! I just feeling like cutting out their throats and throwing them over the bus! Excuse me. Now, onto the story.

It was in the middle of March, and my teacher Mrs. Perez told us we could go to the next hour (the bell rang). I finally got to the front of the line, leading up to the door. I opened it, and that's when I met HER.

Standing there was a tall shy-looking timid girl, her face slightly flushed, and her curly hair out of place.

"Hi, are you Spencer Henson?" She asked excitedly (mood swings, anyone?) I didn't know how she knew my name, but I was quite popular.

"Yes I am," I said casually. I just don't hope she asks me out, I thought. I choked and didn't make an expression. Just please!

"Hi! I'm Morgan!" She said, sounding like an enthusiastic kodomo (Child in Japanese). How are you? Do you like anime? Have you ever heard of Haruhi Suzumiya? Are you really moving soon?" A sudden rush of questions flooded my face liked a blanket thrown at my face.

I wanted to kill myself. I slightly smiled and went off on my "merry" way.

I forgot to tell you something else. I can't marry until I'm 16, as part of my culture. I also can't really talk to girls, sadly enough (Just kidding! : D) I also can't STAND girls hugging me. It's… uh… uncomfortable, and I want my own space.

The next time me and this girl meant, I felt even more shocked. It was over the span of about 2 hours (school hours). It was almost sixth hour, and I didn't want to be tardy. (I hate that!)

She came up to me and started to sing a random song. I kind of looked up, amused. But her voice sort of… sucked.

It sounded weird, and I wanted to know why.

Morgan blushed and ran off.

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