I woke up the next morning same old same old. I got ready wearing a large overgrown hoodie, a bright blue necklace, my red hair tied back in a black ribbon that was braided, black sketchers, simple jeans, gold hoop earnings, a black bracelet and lip gloss.

NO I DID NOT PLAN TO KISS THE GUY! I sighed and studied myself, "That's what your wearing for a date?" Jenny asked and shook her head, "NO NO!" she said and threw a black dress at me, "That's what you wear" she said and I sighed she wasn't going to let me leave unless I changed. I pushed her from my room and got ready. I walked out of room again waring a short black dress without sleeves.

Black choker, hair pulled back in a nice ponytail with the black ribbon lip gloss. Red belt with black heels and red nail polish, red eyeliner and fiery looking earring and pendant and bracelets. I sighed and spun around, "PERFECT! HAVE FUN!" Jenny said and the door rang, ready for one heck of nightmare I though. I stood looking at Isis. She looked amazing, "Well why don't we go." I said smiling, I took her hand and lead her away from the house. We went to a movie and I smiled when she rested her head on my shoulder. I put an arm around her and smiled. After the movie we went for a walk through the park. "You look great" I said. "Thanks." She said sounding like she was trying to keep us from talking, "Something wrong?" I asked,

"I distance myself. I moved from a private school, all I am is a nerd." She said and I frowned and stopped turning her so she faced me. I took her chin in my hand and forced her to look at me, "Isis, you are not a nerd. You're the most amazing, beautiful, perfect, special girl I have ever seen. Your unique and special and if you ever hear anyone say otherwise then just remember, everyone's special in their own ways, but others are more than that." I said, Isis nodded and I walked her home.

Isis's P.O.V.
Ace really surprised me with what he said. I went inside my house and went to my room. The next morning school seemed simple. I sighed walking through the halls, "WE HEARD YOU HAD A DATE!" Ally gasped with Rose. "No big deal." I said til a girl with Red hair and Green eyes came up smiling, "Hi! I'm May." She said holding a hand out. I smiled back.

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