Icy black wings fell out drifting and lying around her creating a feathered cloak. Blue drops from her eyes mixing into her pale skin creating a shaded blue tint. Her lacey twilight black hair braided and settled along her back while her grey shirt sleeves hung around her falling past her wrists. Her eyes were a hazy grey violet with mixtures of faint pale blue, dark green, and burnt orange blowing in swirls and waves around her. A long staff positioned in her grasp, held high with power while her gleaming violet eyes stared down upon the world glistening like a pool around her. A bright white colored mask with large fox ears appeared in front of her, while her hands dropped their tight grip on the staff and reached out, grasping hold of it as a mischievous smile came to her. A glowing white vixen appeared circling around her before floating gracefully beside her.

Chapter 1: The Guardian Kitsune's Soul

The world is a strange place; many don't realize that above their world, above their very heads lies a palace. Gleaming with golden pillars and held high with power. It's safe to say that many also don't know that residing within this place are being far more powerful than anyone could imagine. However, some do see that, some see the powers we hold and what we can truly do and those who do see it know to fear us, or rather, to respect us.

I guess I should explain myself, you see for those who never knew I am Penem, although I prefer the name of Uray, but nobody knows of that. That is, except for my family. You see, I am the Goddess of Chaos, and that palace I mentioned earlier is me home, the Golden Sun's Palace. And for those who are probably saying I have a strange name, most in my family have unusual names. You see I live here with my siblings and my parents.

I'm not exactly close to many of my siblings, but there is my oldest brother, Kasdail is the God of Cats. Rielik, the God of Destruction, he happens to be the only one who enjoys my pranks, He is the same age as Nelye who is my oldest sister, but younger than Kasdail and Adriel. Nelye is the Goddess of Resurrection and she is probably the most human of all of us, infect she decided to leave for some time. At some point we all leave, if not for our own curiosities.

Next is Adriel who is the God of Knowledge, he is my favorite brother and is the second oldest. Finally there is sweet little Zepha, my youngest sister who I suspect will die before she even gains her powers, she happens to be the Goddess of Horses. My mother is Alin, she happens to be the Goddess of Law, but yet she is kinder then my father. My father is Zopha, he's the God of Luck, and he is also strict. I also forgot two of my siblings. They were both banished from our home when we were young, Aphiel and Amael, they're both twins and share a title. Aphiel is the God of Death, and Amael is the Goddess of Death. They happen to be the closest to my age.

Honestly I wish I was different, I have always looked up to my siblings and right now because of my mistakes I wish I was more like Nelye and a real goddess. So I guess I've spoken long enough the real story begins now.

"Sweet sweet Zepha, must you take joy in messing up your looks?" Nelye's kind, melodic voice came from the room that rested next to mine, that room belonged to Zepha; Right now, I couldn't help, but feel alone. "Now, I knew you were chaos, but is chaos really meant to cry?" my brother's voice hit me and I glanced up too find him at my door. Without much thought I jumped up and hugged him, "RIELIK!" "Hey sis." he smiled, "I thought you left!" I mumbled depression setting back in, "Nah couldn't leave without saying bye to my favorite sister now could I?" he asked and kissed my forehead.

Although it was something he always did, it always made me feel small and I didn't like it all that much, but he was nice so I never minded. "Please be silent," Nelye said, I stepped back from Rielik and noticed she stood in the halls outside of my room. I also couldn't help, but notice the long flowing gown she wore, it made me feel small and unworthy to exist here. "Good bye brother," she said hugging Rielik when I stepped back. I honestly hated her for that, because she always made me feel useless like I didn't even exist. I ducked my head, letting my hair fall into my eyes as I listened in. "Mind telling Zepha I'm gone? I never told her or Adriel." Rielik said as we left my room, "I suspect Adriel knows." I snapped angrily and stormed off.

I still feel bad for that day, because it was the last thing I had told Rielik when he chose to leave to help the humans, I hadn't realized it, but Everything fell apart when he left, it was like he was the only thing keeping us together as a family.

"PENEM YOU DOWNRIGHT DIRTY HELL HOUND PEST!" Right now I was panicking and hiding under a blanket in my room when I heard Nelye's yell. "I DIDN'T MEAN TO!" I cried, suddenly wishing Rielik was back, he was gone too long and he said a week, IT WAS A MONTH! I attempted to hold still when I heard Nelye slam my door open. The next thing I new the blanket was thrown off me and I was jerked up to find Nelye glaring. I bit my lip worried immensely and waited for her to do something, "Nelye don't let her get to you." Adriel spoke up and Nelye and I turned our gaze to him, "I WILL MURDER HER AND MAKE SURE SHE ISN'T RESSURECTED!" Nelye snapped.

I realized in the midst of our problem that Nelye had been loud enough to alert our entire family. Right now Adriel stood at the door with Zepha and Mother. I noticed Zepha looked at me pity in her eyes, as Adriel got her to release me. Well rather slam me into the wall then release me. I looked at her. Tears pricked my eyes before I ducked my head letting my hair hide my face, "Penem, my daughter you know not to anger your sister." Mother said when I glanced up I saw that she was sitting beside me and my siblings were no longer with us. I gave up and cried like a non-goddess like servant of man. "SHE DOESN'T CARE FOR ME! SHE HATES ME!" I said speaking the truth, "I WANT RIELIK BACK! JUST GO AWAY!" I hadn't meant it, I honestly wish I had taken it back I didn't want to be left alone, but instead I felt my mother touch my shoulder then hug me, it was hesitant, but comforting non-the-less. The only problem was that after that she was gone.

"So sad, huh Aphiel?" a satanic voice hit me and I shot my head up glancing around till my gaze fell on my twin siblings who sat on my window sill. "Truly sad, what if we could give you your dear brother?" Aphiel said from his place beside Amael, "Yes we could, but what would we get in return?" Amael said now looking at Aphiel, "What do you want?" I asked without really thinking much about it.

Only with those words I gave my soul away. And the next weeks were nightmares. I had made them all hate me, Nelye even told me that and Adriel never once looked at me and Zepha breaks into tears when she sees me, all because Amael and Aphiel told me to steal father's claymore. They needed a god's soul, his power to be exact, and I gave them one. I killed my brother Kasdail. Now I felt like I would break down. I had seen the problems it caused, because Nelye broke her one rule, never to resurrect a god, but she did it non-the-less and brought Kasdail back. He has forbidden me; Alin and Zopha speak of my banishment. I fear it will happen. I have no right to call them mother and father, no right to have anyone close to me. No right to have Rielik back to hold me and tell me it was all ok.

"She did it, she gave us the power of a god, and even his resurrection cannot bring back that power, he is nothing but her brother, no more than that." Amael grinned; she turned her gaze to the fiery blazing cell where Rielik lay, unmoving and lost. "We should punish her, giving us the powers of a useless cat god. I suspected better." Aphiel said shaking his head. Rielik could hear it all, but had little power to stop it, "Yes she will, she will die. Exactly the night of the humans. They all will gather in fathers dining hall and speak of her banishment. We will be there to end her life. A goddess of Chaos's power is far stronger then one of a god of cats, in fact I hoped she'd give us Adriel's power of knowledge, such a pity. I wanted the positions of all the forged weapons of ours." Amael said, "And the guardians we and our useless siblings call upon. I understand they never have shown, not once." Aphiel laughed.