Astride a Rolling Stone

Astride a rolling stone

is where I am from

Never gathering moss

on an outstretched thumb

Born 'side an ocean

but quickly away

Twenty-nine palm trees

shading those early days

Off to the bayou

Family expanded by two

Then back to the desert

for some déjà vu

Met my best friend

Then he sailed to Great Lakes

I soon followed suit

to the Blue Grass state

A miserable two years

Doing nothing courageous

Graduated from high-school

then high-tailed it to Vegas

Best friend needed a roommate

and I needed a shove

So I traded Sin City

for a place that looks like a glove

Just for the year

I decided first day

Enlist in the Army

at the end of my stay

Went back to the family

sans time in Missouri to train

Didn't change the fact

I'd just boomeranged

Did a semester of college

but that doesn't count

Talked to a girl back in Michigan

So back there's where I bounced

Fast forward three years

The girl is my wife

The most precious thing

ever to enter my life

Six years with the Guard

Finally asked to the ball

Operation Enduring Freedom

is what it was called

Back in the states

Soon to hang up my boots

Wondering if this will be the place

I finally put down some roots

Not sure of the future

Though I hope for the best

Seems overdo, though

this rolling stone come to rest