I felt my heart stop as i realized i could never go back. If not for the small boy in front of me, i don't think i could've held it together. I ran my hand over the scars that covered his back, i winced. My depression slowly being replaced by anger. How could they do this to an 8 year old kid? How dare they think they are superior! My hands were balled up into tightly clenched fists, my knuckles aching. Through the small light that peeped in through the crack in the door i could see the boys hollow eyes. Pain, distraught and fear. It made my heart break, he didn't deserve this. None of us did. "Who are you?" I asked quietly, my voice breaking the fearful silence between us. His eyes grew wide and he shook his head, pointing to his mouth. I tilted my head in confusion, he opened his mouth. I let out a low gasp, he had no tongue. That was just plain cruel. Anger boiled within me, i wanted revenge. This kid, this innocent child was just one of the many who's lives have been ruined and tortured for the benefit of them. "God dammit" I cursed, the boy didn't even flinch at the harshness in my voice he was used to worse. "They did this, they went to far. I promise you kid, i'll get revenge. The president will die by my hand. No one else will have to face this." I whispered desperately at the boy, and i meant every word. I forced his eyes to meet mine, and for a moment there i saw hope. That was enough to get me on my feet, my hand grasping his small pale one. For now i didn't care that i couldn't go back. This was my new goal, either i'd achieve or die trying. I heard footsteps echo down the hall, i knew it was patrol. I could practically smell the arrogance and cruelty that came of the two guards. My heart beater fast as i reached for my knife, we were hidden now. But i knew they'd notice the door ajar, and then i'd have to strike. I gently pushed the kid further into the corner whispering "Stay here, i'll protect you." I sounded confident, but really i was just as scared as him. Two armed guards versing me was not odds i was comfortable with. Sure i knew how to swing a knife, but against guns and two fully grown army men i don't think i could win. But there was no other way.

"Have you found those pesky kids that escaped yet?" I heard one of their deep voices ask, they were close. I breathed deeply. "No" Came the gruff response of the other, silence filled the air.

It was broken with a laugh. "I can smell your fear kiddies" Came their voices again, i knew they'd spotted us. I was trembling, the kid put his hand on my shoulder in a reassuring way. I took another deep breath, their footsteps coming closer and closer with every second. 1, 2, 3! I chanted in my head, i jumped out of the door suddenly. I smirked as one of the guards took the door to the face and fell unconscious. The other merely stumbled back a bit, a sick smile on his face. I hesitated before slashing my knife at him, he dodged it his hand reaching for his gun. I slashed out again, this time just nicking his right arm. He hissed in pain. I continued my attacks, kicking and slashing. I felt pain in my upper arm, but kept going. Finally, covered in blood i delivered the final blow. I let out a huge sigh before realizing what i'd done. I'd killed a man. Another person. Another breathing, living human. My knife clattered to the floor, i stepped back in horror. He'd have killed you, and the boy i tried to remind myself. I felt the desperate tug of the boy on my hand. His hollow stare broke me from my thoughts. I'd think about it later, for now i had to save this kids life.

I tried to smile, ignoring the fear he now held for me in those wide eyes. I gathered up my knife and the mans gun. I checked over at the other man, he'd get up soon. I stood up and took the boys hand. Left or Right i wondered. The corridor stretched on for a while, if we stayed here we'd be killed on the spot. I went with instinct and ran left, it led us to a stair case. Up or down? I thought quickly, up led to the outside so it was really our only choice. I rushed up the stairs, the boy following. I ignored the fact that down used to be my home, no return i reminded myself. I had the gun clenched in my hand and barely took a moment to shoot as we ran into more guards. Bang! Bang! and just like that they were gone forever. 3 living, breathing people i'd killed now. I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. Survival was on my mind. More corridors, i kept going left and heading up. I prayed that we weren't going to get lost in this place. My heart was pounding as we rounded another corner. This was it i thought! I could smell the fresh air, we were close. The boy was smiling, he knew it to. We could make it out alive! I saw the final staircase. More guards there were 4 this time. I shot three. Bang! Bang! Bang! Click.

My eyes widened in horror, no more bullets. The remaining guard looked a little shocked but came charging a me. I shoved the boy behind me and pulled out my knife. He was quicker, he laid a right hook straight on my face. I grunted, the pain reminding me this was between life and death. And not just mine, that sweet innocent kids too. I growled in anger, getting off the ground and swinging with my knife. The man was shocked but managed to dodge it, only receiving a shallow cut on his arm. He was strong. He kept throwing punches, i barely could defend myself i could feel myself getting weaker and weaker. It was just a matter of time. Another hit me, my jaw this time. I released a scream of pain before falling to the cold hard ground.I met the glassy eyes of one of the men i'd killed. This was it, i knew we'd be running on borrowed time. They would kill us. I could see my life flash before my eyes, the forced labour, the horrible screams of my fellow workers, the death of my family. It was all unfair, it was all their fault, and this would be the only chance to change the order. I'd failed, i'd failed the kid.

"NO!" i yelled helplessly from the ground. Bang! The shot echoed throw the corridor. Time slowed and i watched uselessly. The man had aimed his gun at the kid and pulled the trigger. Nononono! I'd promised him! His mouth opened wide in a silent scream, pure fear in his eyes. Then it hit. Blood went everywhere. The bullet embedded itself in his stomach, he fell to the floor. I screamed again, my throat going raw. Why?

Anger, rage and guilt all clouded my vision. "IT'S NOT FAIR!" I yelled, forcing myself to get up. I saw red, my hand ruthlessly stabbing my knife at the man. I felt it slide into his body, and his cry of alarm. It gave me satisfaction. I barely wasted a second finishing him off before rushing over to the kid. He was alive, barely. He was sitting in a pool of his own blood, desperately writing something on the floor. I was crying, my hands desperately trying to stop his bleeding. I could hear his heartbeat slowly fading. "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry" I forced out, guilt consuming my thoughts. "You don't deserve this" I told him, my voice cracking. It was no use. He was dying. It was my fault.

His eyes met mine. I didn't see the blame or fear i thought i'd have seen. I saw peace. He was 8 and he was welcoming the thought of dead, it made me sick. I stared hopelessly into his eyes, trying to smile. Reassuring him he'd be fine. We both knew i was lying. I heard his heartbeat stop. And i cried out again. I heard the rush of footsteps. I stood up, my eyes barely leaving him. He looked so young, so happy. I stepped back, my clothes soaked in his blood. My eyes saw his writing. My brother can help, he escaped too. Find him for me. Find Jack. Thank you angel.

I almost collapsed again, my heart and head far to full of emotions. The footsteps approached me louder. I ran, i ran out the door and into the outside. I ignored the suns blaring rays, or the men who were now chasing me. I headed to the woods, my legs running as fast as the could take me. Run! Run! Run! was all my head was telling me and i listened. I blocked out the yelling and the shots being fired at me pushing myself past the limit. I rushed over the fence, ignoring the scrapping the barb wire did on my skin. Run! Run! Run! I kept going, looking back to see the men stopping at the fence. They couldn't get over.

But i didn't slow, i kept going disappearing further and further. I finally stopped as i reached the outskirts of a town. My heart was racing, every part of my body was on fire. I collapsed, my thoughts fading in and out of consciousness. I'd had enough. My mind was in a haze as i heard a vehicle skid to a stop. I pried my eyes open, praying i hadn't come this far just to be shot right here. I couldn't do anything. I tried to focus at the man that appeared, but i kept seeing double. "Are you okay?" Came a voice from the distance. It sounded so far away, but so sincere. I wanted it to come closer. "Hey, you'll be fine" It came again, like an angel closer this time. My eyes slipped closed, i didn't think i'd be fine. "Please, stay awake" Angel voice was getting annoying now, can't i just lay down and die? I opened my eyes to scowl, but instead say two bright blue eyes. I recognized them anywhere, that boy had them! These weren't hollow, they were concerned. Jack, it was Jack! "Jack" I managed to murmur out before fading out entirely. My body was finally free of the pain