New story! I need to finish some others but I wear there are hornets swarming in my head and poking my brain to write this… I know this seems awkward but after the second or third chapter you'll get it.

"Well," said the 'student body president', Drew Lawsen. "We are adding a twist to this year's talent show. This will only affect those who are singing," he said as I inwardly groaned, sometimes this school got on my nerves.

"Our student committee has decided to have them sing a certain genre to create better cultural awareness. The theme has been picked and will be announced a week from the day of auditions. This means this Friday. Bring your happiness, your best talent, and of course….LION PRIDE!

I smacked my head with my palm as I stalked out of the noisy cafeteria. I followed Mr."President" down the hall to the student committee room. "Hello, Mrs. Whitter," I said politely to our advisor. Today she seemed out of it…

"Hello there Nina, how are you?' She asked me seemly tired and small. Her grey hair seemed to finally fit the woman in her early-fifties. "I'm doing fine. What's wrong?" I asked concerned with my favorite teacher's well-being.

"It's nothing, don't worry Nina," she said trying to act normal. ", you are very pale… I'm taking you to Nurse Janet. And I won't take 'no' for an answer." I said as the teacher's usually bright hazel eyes dimmed and her breathing became shallow.

I knew I had to take action. Now! I lifted the frail, lightweight teacher onto my back and took off down the hall to the Nurse's Office.

I arrived in mere seconds. I walked into the room, smelling fainting of antiseptic, and sat the frail woman down and raced to Nurse Janet's desk, "Mrs. Whitter…s-sh-she's…. I don't know…I think it's a heart attack," I stuttered out frantically to the brown-haired, scrub-covered nurse.

She immediately shot up and out of her black swivel chair. I watched her sprint to the comfy couch-thing in the office where the teacher was lying down.

This is more of an introduction… with a cliffhanger. There will be romance, later. I won't update on a schedule… once or twice a month, most likely.