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The teacher was rushed to the hospital shortly after the panic or heart attack, it has yet to be identified.

I sulked in the back of my pyshcology class, she was my favorite, she was so frail-looking and breakable.

"Nina!" I heard a voice hiss. I glared at the person to see Drew.

"What?" I hissed back.

"Didn't you hear, the principal would like to speak with us," He told me, my glare intensified, he thought I was just spacing out.

I got up wordlessly, Drew trailing me as I escaped the classroom. My thoughts in a jumbled mess, I walked the path I had many times before. I sighed as we reached the office, being directed into our beloved principal's office.

"Hello, Nina, Drew," She greeted. With her shoulder-length red-blond hair, brow eyes, and a perfect figure, she could've been a student. Nope, she was a thirty year old woman who was fair and welcoming.

Her fushia vest on over her sky blue blouse, with slacks as well, she was the picture of business women.

"Hello Principal Lyles. What is it you wished to discuss with us?" I asked, my mid-back length brown hair moving as she motioned for us to take a seat.

"Nina, I would like you to take over Drew's position on student committee." She said looking at me.

"I'd rather not, it's how this school has always worked, we have the public group, and the actual official committee." I paused,"No one would listen to me, Drew is the captin of the basketball team, allstar athele, and, if you haven't seen, actually looks the part, I don't." I told her, gesturing to my t-shirt with a winky face, my jean shorts, and my face, I had acne that was everywhere.

"Nina, I would like to inform you of Mrs. Whitter's condition," at this I sat up even straighter, "I'm sorry, I know she's your favorite teacher here, but..." I didn't hear the rest. I flew out of the office, heading to the scool's dance studio. Mrs. Whitter was the school's dance teacher, as well as our advisor.

I went to the room I knew there wasn't a class in, A4, it was on the first of the three levels, the fourth door in the west wing. I went into the small changing room, I pulled on my leo and was ready to dance my sadness away.

I was poised to begin my routine, waiting for the beats to come into my head before I begin the ballet routine, that Mrs. Whitter had choreographed for me. I felt myself singing to the song blaring through my earbuds, (Kissed You) Good Night by Gloriana.

I was going to participate in the talent show for my dance routine, I don't think I could do it, my mentor wasn't here... I felt myself fall, pulling myself into a ball, releasing my tears.

"Nina," a soft voice called. I looked up, to see Drew.

"What," I spat,"Are you going to tell the student body I'm a cry baby who cries over the death of a teacher." I snarled.

"No, why would I do that," he murmurs softly, I feel him kneel to be eye-level with me. "Because you hate me," I found me whispering.

"I don't hate you,"I gaped at his words,"Why would you think that?" I felt him brush a strand of my hair behing my right ear.

"Everyone hates me, but the teachers." I told him.

"Well, I don't hate you," I felt a blush creep up from my neck at our close proximity.

"Can't say the same," I muttered.

"What," He questioned, looking hurt.

"I was joking." I told him, smiling.

He gave me his puppy face. I chuckled at it. I felt his forehead touch mine, lightly, before lightly brushing his soft lips agaist my cheek.

He pulled back, studying my expression. His deep, ocean-like, blue eyes stared into my jade green orbs, "You are beautiful," He told me, his blonde-brown hair lightly tousled.

I flt my face turning a nice shade of beet red,"N-no I'm n-not," I told him.

"To me you are," His lips brushed my forehead as my smiled brightened.

"What song were you singing?" He asked, slightly intrigued.

"Y-you w-were h-here when I was singing?" I stuttered out the words.

He soundlessly nodded his head.

I sighed,"It was "(Kissed You) Good Night" by Gloriana," I told him.

"You should sing in the talent show. But weren't you going to dance?" He asked.

"I can't dance, my mentor won't be there, she has become a real angel now,"I told him, smiling.

"So, sing then," He told me, smiling,"You sing like an angel," at this I blush.

"Fine," I sighed.

He stood up, offering me a hand to stand.

He pulled me up, our bodies pressed together as he held me close. My head on his chest, hearing the steady beating of his heart. That's when the memories came back.


"Drew! Put me down!"I yelled at the other seven year old as I lay over his shoulder, much like a sack of flour.

"Then say it!" He yelled, though softer than I had.

"Never, I didn't cheat!" I sqeaked, as he sat me down. I smiled at him. "Promise me if we meet in the future, that we will not hate eachother?" I asked him, a small smile on my face, as I held out my hand, pinkie poised to swear.

"Promise." He stated firmly, swearing using his pinkie.

I hugged him close, he was moving. I may never see him again.

*End Flashback*

"Drew," I whispered hollowly,"is that you?"

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