Author's Note: So I actually feel really passionate about this story so far. It came to me as I was sitting is AP Psych this past year. Enjoy, and don't forget to r&r (:



Today is my first dose of reality. I haven't been able to think this clearly since before the fire. My head hurts still, and I'm a little nauseous, but they said those are some common side effects of the medication. It's all so weird and happening so fast.

Before today, my life was my own personal hell. It was like I had my own rain cloud over my head, shocking and drenching me with the speculations and constant judgments of the others. Now, however, all was quiet. For once, I was alone in my own mind. It was different, weird, and even uncomfortable. I didn't miss them one bit, but there was one thing that drove me over the edge. My house was quiet. Too quiet. I hadn't lived alone. Ever. Even when my parents kicked me out, I still had someone there for me. Not now. Not as long as these "cures" run through my bloodstream.

Today, I've decided, is my last day in reality. Tomorrow, I go back. Indefinitely. See you on the other side.

- Hanna