So this is how it ends


"The Zachary Empire is threatened by a horde of clowns we have never seen before all capable of lifting arms must join". Shouted the Zachary Mule Rider

I didn't want to fight but I had to so my mother and father would be safe. I hugged my mother my father gave me his hunting leather armor he was trying his best not to cry.


This was harder than I thought I found myself alone near my tent I cried as put the dagger towards my neck " what are you doing" I looked as I saw the person I was sharing the tent with he was a five year old Zachary whose chain mail barely fit him.

Here we were on the sight of the battlefield that would decide the fate of the Zachary Empire they sprang out of the forest there had to be at least ninety thousand of the vile creatures. " Archers FIRE" bellowed the eighteen year old Zachary Marksman as a hiss of three thousand arrows sailed to the heavens then crashed down on the enemy they were getting close I was not embarrassed when I felt my piss going down my leg. A ten year old Zachary saw that and laughed I didn't care I wasn't the only one a five year old Zachary threw up obviously from the fear he felt two twelve year old Zachary's backed away from the poor kid. Suddenly crash we both clashed and I found myself getting pushed into the fray. We got closer as the enemy was getting the disadvantage. I dug my sword deep into the head of one of the clowns bloods spattered into my face. Suddenly I felt a jolt of pain come across my shoulder and then I was being dragged away from the battlefield great my sides dragging me too the infirmary. My hope was crushed as I saw a clowns smiling as he was dragging me to who knows where I kicked and screamed like a wild trapped animal. The blood from my shoulder continued to bleed out and I knew I was going to go to my own mordenhiem (every creations personal heaven or hell depending on their actions) I thanked the original as I mercifully fell into unconsciousness.


I woke up to see the events that transpired we won the battle however I was in an area that was unknown but was very comforting I looked to see the empire shout in cheer as the clowns had been eradicated but at a great cost as ten thousand were wounded and I saw my body in one of the mass graves I then saw my village as a mule rider knocked on my parents door my mother fell to the ground as the mule rider showed my mother my locket " She gave her life for the empire that's the greatest death a person can ever achieve" my father said. "We watched her and other soldiers' fight she took six of the creatures with her" the mule rider said as even he was trying not to make the situation more unbearable for my mother. Seeing all I wanted see I then stepped into the light as I saw my personal dream which was to own a vineyard I smiled as I saw my hut and endless grapes to make an eternity of wine.