When Tyla arrived home everything was quiet, as usual. Her boyfriend Tom was asleep (again) and her pet guinea pig was chewing on some Rancor meat (genuine Star Wars reference) so she get herself a beer. She needed to forget about that horrible incident with the stilettos. She opened the freezer and to her –frankly, unpleasant- surprise a decapitated head fell out of the freezer and into her lap. She screamed "What the freakin' hell is this?" Tom came into the room, still half asleep.

"What's going on" he said in a slightly drunk voice

"There's a bloody head in here!"

"Yeah, I know" said Tom

"What's it doing in the blasted freezer for?"

"Hey, I'm a vampire hunter and my boss wanted that head preserved!"

"Okay, but you didn't have to put it in the freezer"

"Well, it was either THAT or your underwear drawer"

"Okay, I feel a lot better now" said Tyla