Coal Dust Brown Whisker

By Kushie

The first in the adventures of the Coal Dust Brown Whisker .

A companion story first mention in the tale NL Grandpa

featured on the NCIS Fanfic page.

Once upon a time, in a deep burrow underneath Applegate Manor. There lived a

family of rather well to do rats. The father of this clan was the very important

Lord Percival Stanley Brown-Whisker. A rat of very high birth and a person

Of no small importance in the annals of rodent society.

Mr Brown-Whisker was off course married to a very proper lady rat. From one

of the finest families. Lady Jermima Brown Whisker was a stately matron.

Although her taste in hats made Lord Percival shake his head. He couldn't stand

bonnets with flowers.

The Brown Whiskers had four children. The eldest Cecily Primrose was the very

epitome of elegance and poise. A pretty girl with snow white fur like her mother

and a cute little pink nose. The Brown Whisker's youngest two were twins

Melissa and Victor. But alas it was the middle child. That made Poor Mr Brown-

Whisker gnaw his paw nails to the quick and tear his fur out. Albert George

Brown-Whisker was the bane of his poor parents life. He simply would not

conform. He even played with the common rats that lived in the town. It just

would not do. But no matter how hard Lord Brown-Whisker tutted and swished

his tail. Albert George paid him no mind at all and carried right on disobeying.

Then one day his mischiefs got him into terrible trouble. He wandered far from home.

Right down to the local village To play with the nasty common rats

But here his nautiness nearly caused his demise. For also in the village lived a

very big scary tabby cat called Sidlee Mactavish. The meanest toughest alley

cat ever. The common rats knew to steer clear of the streets. Sidlee Mactavish

prowled. But Albert George was a show off. He tried to pretend That nothing

scared him. But not for long. For barely had be began to saunter down the

long street Than one green eye opened then the other and slowly. Oh so slowly

the great moggie stretched and arched his back."

Albert George turned and waved. To what he now considered the inferior rats.

They were all scared. He wasn't. No silly cat could ever catch him. But then!

He felt a whoosh of cold air and a shadow appeared before him." Albert gave a

terrified squeak and started to run. As fast as his little legs could go. The cat landed

and snatched for him But the cat's talons clawed at empty air. Albert had escaped

By the very tip of his whiskers. He ran and ran as fast as he could. The cat bounded

after him. Then he saw it. A dark opening. The smallest of holes. With his last gasp

Albert shot forward into the dark. The cat was too fat to follow. It's paw padded into

the hole.

Albert shrank back against the pile of strange black rocks. Forcing himself under some loose ones.

And there he stayed. His little heart beating in fear For the longest time. But finally the cat

must have got bored or perhaps hungry. For from far away Albert heard someone calling.

Then after even more time he heard a familiar voice.

"Albert George are you in there?" He sagged with relief. It sounded like his daddy.

Albert ventured to peep out. It was his dad. "Come out of there quickly.

We must get away Before that big nasty cat comes back." Albert scuttled out.

His father looked very cross. But there was no time for scoldings. He hurried

him home to his mother. She was just about to make a fuss of her lost child When to her horror.

Albert sneezed. The black dust rose from his fur and floated about. It settled on every thing.

Her lovely white table cloth. The embroidered curtains The special rug That her brother in India

had sent. The entire burrow turned a dreadful grey colour. Even Cecily Primrose.

Pretty snow white Celily turn grey

"Oh Mama Oh Mama!" She cried. The mess was terrible to see and took days to clean up.

Even the baby twins in their crib had to be bathed and boy did they hollar. But

finally order was restored. But for one thing. No matter how they scrubbed him

Albert George remained as black as the coal He'd hidden under for the rest of his days

and from that time forward. He was always know As Coal Dust Brown-whisker."