The chapter opens with Shizuka sleeping on a bed. He rises wearily, and leaves bed. "Bathroom", he spoke weakly while rubbing his eyes. He slid open a door, and found himself startled to find himself in a dark forest with uniforms and skeletons covering the grass floor. Further deep in the forest laid the skeletal remains of a ninja, bathed in red flames, who had apparently fallen in combat. Shizuka recognizes the black cloak the skeleton had worn as means of identification.

"Fa…fa…" Shizuka couldn't finish his words. He fell to his knees, devastated. With a cry, he suddenly starts from his sleep. "Ahhh!" Shizuka sat up in a jolt, he was breathing heavily with his eyes wide. He stared at the floor, his vision was blurry, and his head was swaying.

"What happened?" Shizuka asked. He looked around to find himself in a bed and by the looks of it, it belonged to a girl. He found his hooded sweatshirt hanging from a hook door hanger on the back of the bedroom door. Shizuka slowly hobbled to the bedroom door. The doorknob squeaks as Shizuka opens it and peers outside. "GOOOD MOOORNING LILY-CHAN'S BOYFRIEND!" boomed two voices that stormed into the room. The man of the couple was a tall man with light skin and sparkling, blue eyes. He had long, wavy light blonde hair. The man wore a black suit and a white frilled shirt. The woman had red hair, layered hair with bangs and amber eyes. She has an almost pale complexion and she wore a simple dress.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Shizuka jumped back and drew his kunai at the unfamiliar strangers in fright with his back against the wall and sliding to the floor.

"Ah! He's got a weapon. Ooohhh he must be strong." The blonde haired man whispered excitedly to the female beside him.

"Uhh? What's going on?" Shizuka questioned.

"What's going on he says" The red haired woman giggled to her blonde companion.

"He must be the prince charming to whisk her away to a life of happiness!" The blonde haired man said as the couple began to dance in joy. "We must think of names for their babies!"

Shizuka stared after the couple with bewilderment. "ARE YOU GUYS DEAF? PRINCE CHARMING? BABIES?"

"So young man, do you have a well thought out plan for the future with my daughter?" the long haired gentleman ecstatically questioned as he pressed his face against Shizuka's

"Future…with your daughter?"

The red haired woman wrapped her arm around Shizuka's shoulder and pointed to his chest in a conspiratorial gesture. "So how was my daughter? Did she satisfy your unmentionable needs?" she smugly asked.

Shizuka was flabbergasted. "WHAT? WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN?"

As the confusion continued, Lily entered the room with an exaggerated sweat drop expression on her face and she became silent for a moment. The cheerful couple spun around retaining their dancing position.

"Well, helooo. Busy last night weren't we my dear?" The man playfully questioned with a rose in his mouth.

In a flash, Lily dashed to the couple, picked them both completely up, and threw them head first across the room out the door. Out in the hallway, they hit the ground and a

"Don't deny your love Lily-Chan!" the parents happily cried with tears flowing from his eyes. "We still love you even if you performed sexual inter-"

"SHUT UP!" interrupted an angry Lily.

A loud thud from the door slamming shut sounded across the hallway. Shizuka with a frightened expression asked "Who…were they?"

Lily smacked her forehead in frustration. "Shizuka…my parents" she sighed. "And what are you doing with your knife out? Were you gonna kill my parents or something?"

Shizuka realizes he was gripping on his kunai. "Oh, this? I was just…cutting…stuff and…and… the bottom line is…" Shizuka attempted to change the conversation. "It's not a knife it's a kunai thank you!"

"Thanks for the fun fact. LIKE GIVE A DAMN!"

"You're welcome!" Shizuka happily replied.

Lily growled. "Now come on I made breakfast, and you better do some explaining while we're eating!"

Shizuka had a confused expression on his face. "Explaining?" He began to recall the events that happened yesterday with the mysterious duo draped in black. "Oh yeah, you better do some explaining yourself! Did you violate my unconscious body without permission?" Shizuka furiously pointed to Lily as he remembered her parent's interpretation of last night.

Lily once again smacked her forehead followed by a sigh. "First of all HELL NO YOU DUMBASS!" Lily smacked Shizuka across her bedroom, crashing him into the wall. She grumbled and stomped on her way out the room leaving Shizuka lying in the rubble made from the wall. "Hmm. This somehow actually feels more comfortable than the bed…" Shizuka instantly dozed off in a slumber.

. . .

At the breakfast table, Shizuka was eating his meal extremely fast which made Lily to give him a disgusted look. "What?" Shizuka asked with his mouth full of rice. "Do you always eat like this?" Lily questioned. "What do you mean like this huh?" Lily growled and threw a punch toward Shizuka's face. "IDIOT DON'T TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL IT'S DISGUSTING!"

"The only thing disgusting is your attitude." Shizuka whispered.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Lily growled again.

"N-nothing." Shizuka averted his eyes away.

Lily crossed her arms. "So…"

"So..." Shizuka responded.

"About last night…"

"About last night…" Shizuka responded.

"Those two guys trying to kill me…"

"Those two guys trying to kill you…" Shizuka responded again.

"DAMN IT SHOTOTSU!" Lily angry banged her fist on the table.

"Why won't you tell me what's going on! Are you keeping a secret from- AND STOP SPYING ON US DAD" Lily turned to find her father peeking out from the wall behind her.

"Did she catch on to us Sora?" Lily's mother shouted from upstairs.

"Nope! She's completely oblivious!" Sora gave his daughter an "A-OK" gesture and a wink as he continued to "secretly" watch the two eat their breakfast then strangely enough he randomly fell asleep with a large snot bubble in his nose, inflating and deflating with each snore.

"WHAT THE?" Shizuka had an expression of shock and surprise.

"Ugh" Lily sighed. "My dad's got Narcolepsy"


"It's a sleeping disorder that makes my father…WAIT A MINUTE DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT!" Lily furiously pointed at Shizuka. "Explain everything I need to know! Who are you? And who were those men that-"

"Wow! This chair is so comfortable!" Shizuka interrupted as he was pressing and rotating his bottom on the cushion of the chair. "Where did you guys get these?" Shizuka lifted himself from the chair and began to press his face on the cushion. "It's feels so warm and toasty"

"That's because your ass on it you freak!" Lily snapped. "What's up with him? He's constantly dodging my questions. Doe's he not want me to know something or what?" She thought.

"I'm not dodging your questions! I'm just simply distracted by your lovely furniture. So in a way…you're dodging your own questions." Shizuka explained with the feeling of accomplishment.

"Does that even make sense? And did you just read my mind?"

"Who knows?" Shizuka shrugged. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Maybe the writer of the story is just adding on randomness to make this conversation interesting."


"Exactly." Shizuka smirked.

"OKAY THAT'S IT!" Lily grabbed the neckline of Shizuka's black shirt. "YOU ARE GOING TO…"

Suddenly the doorbell rang.


The doorbell rang once again interrupting Lily's sentence.


And again the doorbell rang.


"You should probably get the door Yuzuk-"

"Stay outta this! This is between me and the door!"

They suddenly heard a crash coming from the genkan (entryway).

They arrived at the genkan and discovered that the door had been torn to pieces, as if it was cut by a blade.

Lily began to retrieve the broken, wooden pieces of what was once the front door. "What…the hell?"

Without any thought, Shizuka pulled out his kunai and scanned around the area to find if an enemy infiltrated the house to search for Lily.

"Judging by the broken pieces, the door could've been destroyed by a sword at one fell swoop, and if so this swordsman must be light on his feet if he can slash the door to pieces in a matter of seconds. So…he could be anywh-"

In an instant, a shadowy figure appeared behind the two. Shizuka turned his head followed by Lily to find the half of the assassin duo sent to kill Lily: Kagami.

"Its…it's you." Lily spoke.

"Yuzuki, stay behind." Shizuka took a battle stance signaling that he was prepared to fight the man.

"I see you're very well prepared to sacrifice your life for this young lady" Kagami smirked as he combed back his black hair.

Shizuka growled. "Get the hell outta here if you know what's good for you!"

"Oh...I will do no such thing."

"Sh…Shizuka" Lily began to shake in fear and cling to Shizuka's back.

"Please don't worry milady. You're safe with me. I'll protect you I swear."

"Mi…Milady?" Thoughts were racing through Lily's mind as soon as he heard "Milady". Her thoughts had projected fast paced images of a cheerful, younger version of her wearing a lovely kimono playing with other children in the imperial palace of Tokyo. Her mind finally returned to reality. "What…what was that?" She thought. "Was that…me?"

Kagami raise an arm toward the ceiling. A blue aura surrounded and masked his hand.

Shizuka clenched his teeth, and tightly gripped on his kunai preparing to attack.

"Well then prepare you self…"

Sweat began to drop from Shizuka's forehead.

"Shi-Kun!" Kagami quickly pull down the black cloth that covered his face.

Shizuka was shocked to see a familiar face. "Ke…Ke…Kenta?"

"Yo!" winked the man Shizuka called "Kenta".

"Shototsu you know him?" Lily was surprised to see Shizuka knew the assassin's true identity.

Shizuka slapped his forehead, and then sighed out of relief. "Yeah…unfortunately he's my older brother."