JET stood silently on the balcony of her exclusive condominium unit. She allowed the cold Christmas wind to touch her delicate skin. The wind blew her hair smoothly and she savored it.

She savored the moment. She knew that if the investigation about her dad's death says that she's guilty of killing him, this would be her last time that she'll have the freedom to smell the sweet scent of the cold Christmas night. And this is her first time to celebrate Christmas without her family. Family. Does she even have the right to call them her family? After all that happened?

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She turned to go back to her room and closed the sliding door behind her. She went to the kitchen to grab a can of beer from her fridge, she headed to the living room and sat on the couch. She opened the canned beer and took a sip from it. She winced at the taste of the liquid especially when her stomach crumbled. Maybe drinking beer before eating dinner is a bad idea after all. She put the beer on the center table.

She took the remote and turned the television on. She scanned all the channels on TV but she couldn't find something interesting to watch so she turned it off.

She took a deep breath. She closed her eyes as she leaned back on the couch. A vivid memory came into her mind.

Louis Miller, her adopted dad, had 'set' a date for the two of them so she went to their secret meeting place in the hidden part of Los Angeles. Only Jet and her dad know the place. It's in the middle of nowhere, literally. There's a cliff behind it and a vast land of pines around it.

She pulled her car over in front of the house.

"Dad, I'm here!" she shouted as she got out of her car. She felt different when her dad didn't answer. "Am I early?" she asked herself as she looked into her wristwatch. It's exactly 7:45 in the evening and their meeting time is 7:30. She's 15 minutes late and she's well aware that her dad is always an hour early. "That's weird. He should be here by now. Besides, his car is here"

She looked up to the sky and saw the moon shining brightly. She shrugged and went in the house. The lights are out and the only light illuminating the room was the moon light so she searched for the light switch on the wall with her hand. When she finally touched it, she switched the lights on and turned pale at the scene in front of her.

Her dad is lying on his stomach on the ground- bleeding.

"Dad!" She immediately knelt beside him and checked his pulse. "Come on, dad" she whispered as she embraced her dead adopted father.

Then, she was hit by someone on the head. Her world turned black in an instant.

"Damn!" she shook the images out of her mind and decided to take her beer bottoms-up. She immediately felt dizzy but she still managed to stand up and walk to her room where she removed her robe and dropped her body on her vast bed.

"WHAT?" Atty. Troy del Carmel asked with an obvious shock on his voice and face. "Say that again?"

"I said, I want you to help my sister get out of the country as soon as possible" Kenneth Miller repeated what he had said just a while ago. He knew that Troy is doubtful about the idea of getting Jet out of the country while the investigation about their dad is going on but didn't mind.

"Whoa! Ken! Are you out of your damn mind? Jet is a suspect for murder!" Troy reminded his friend. "I know that the two of you are siblings and you grew up together, but damn, man! She's a suspect for murdering your dad. For Pete's sake!

"Jet is my sister and I know she can never do anything that would hurt Dad," Kenneth said seriously. Well, that's just it! Why do I need to believe her? But she's my sister after all.

"She couldn't do anything that would hurt your dad but she can do anything that would kill him," Troy stared at his friend. At 6'3", Kenneth is just as tall as him. His shoulders have now formed a hunch and its broadness had been lost. Troy knows that Kenneth is having a very hard time defending his sister and helping out with the investigation at the same time. The blue eyes had lost its sheer power and morphed into something new, much resembling the eyes of a child who lost everything he had.

"For the love of God, you're a lawyer, Troy! For once in your effin' life, can you please be logical and reasonable about this damn thing? Jet is just a kid! She'll never kill our dad!"

"You trust her too much. Don't come to me licking your wounds when you find yourself hurting later."

"I don't trust her, Troy. I just know that she'll never do a horrible thing like that." Kenneth after all knew Jet more than Troy knows the girl.

Troy exhaled as he loosened his neck tie. "The two of you were never even close, Kenneth. You always fought about every little thing there is!"

Kenneth shrugged. He is well aware that what Troy is saying is true. "We may not be close but we're still siblings. She's still my little sister. And I know her, she'll never kill dad. Believe me."

"I don't know, Ken. This idea is downright stupid."

"You're a lawyer, Troy. I'm now hiring you as Jet's lawyer. I'll pay you all the money that you'll ever want."

Troy chuckled. "Excuse me, Ken, but I think you forgot that my money is just as green as yours."

Kenneth couldn't help but smile. His friend can always lift his spirits up. Troy's pride is just as monumental as Kenneth's.

Troy smiled back at him.

Kenneth stood and walked to the window and leaned on it. He is 30 floors above the ground but it didn't bother him. Heights can make you feel like flying. It makes you feel the freedom in front of you. He could hear Jet's voice in his mind when he cried while they were riding a Ferris wheel because he was scared of the height.

He took a deep breath and looked at Troy. "Come on, Troy. She's just a kid. She's not even 22 yet. She's too young to be in jail."

Troy exhaled. "Fine. But if I find out that she killed your dad, I'll send her to jail, no words said. Deal?"

Kenneth smiled victoriously. "Deal." They shook hands. "Thanks, Troy."

"Thanks a lot for making me do the stupidest thing ever. You owe me your life."

Kenneth just smiled at Troy.