KENNETH pulled over his car in front of their big, elegant house. He took a deep breath before reaching his attache case on the back seat and getting off of his car.

A maid came over to him and took his attache case. "Good evening, Sir" the maid said.

"Good evening" he greeted back coldly as he opened the door to the house. The scent of coffee filled his nosetrils. Coffee.

"Good evening, son" Helen, his mom greeted and gave him a hug. Helen is old but still has her beauty and sexiness intact that you wouldn't even think that she's already 53 years old. Her maroon eyes are now weaker than before due to the pain that she had undergone because of Louis' death. Her hair is starting to turn gray.

"Good evening, Kenneth!" Carter-Jeremiah, his eldest brother greeted. He is already 32 but he still hasn't married yet. He runs his company in Asia. Carter-Jeremiah is rather the closest to Jet before the incident happened but it seems that he had forgotten about her now. His blue-green eyes shows that he doesn't really mind about the case.

"Good evening, bro" Kenneth greeted back and smiled. His smile didn't reach his eyes.

"Yo, kiddo!" Martin, Kenneth's second older brother said from behind him. Martin was the only one who inherited Helen's looks and attitude. He has those maroon eyes too. His brown hair has bangs which covered half of his face. He is also the only one who doesn't have any interest in business. His interest is pure music and art and that's the reason why he and Jet get along well together. "How's my baby girl?" he asked referring to Jet.

Kenneth smiled and this time, his smile reached the very core of his heart. He knows that this EMO brother of his still loves their sister. "She's okay"

Martin smiled. "That's great to hear"

"I'll just go and get changed" Kenneth said as he walked to the second floor and to his room. He closed the door behind himand leaned against it. He let out the breath that he had been holding. Martin definitely gave him a relief. At least, he has somebody in the house who still cares about their baby sister. He loosened his tie as he walked to the bathroom. He stripped his clothes before getting into the tub and switching the shower on. A lot of things had changed in the house since Jet was kicked out of the house by his mom and brother literally. The usual happiness in it is gone. It has been gloomy ever since.

"Damn!" he hit the wall which made his knuckles bleed. He didn't mind the burning sensation he felt in it. He got to admit, it's painful but he doesn't care. What he cares about now is how he could get the old aura of the house back. If it stays like this for a long time, he'll definitely lose his mind. He'll get crazy and he doesn't want to be crazy. He doesn't want to become like Martin.

CARTER-JEREMIAH was sure he heard his younger brother curse and he never heard Kenneth curse before except when he and Jet are fighting about some things and he knows that he wouldn't win against their clever adopted little sister. He decided to knock.

"Yeah? Do you need something? I'm in the bathroom!" he heard Kenneth say.

"No, I don't need anything! I just heard you curse. Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, of course I'm okay! I just realized that I left something in my office!"


"I'll be down in a minute!"

"Okay! We'll be waiting for you"

He started to go back downstairs. Martin and their mom are sitting on the couch. Martin is wearing his headphones again and their mom is reading a novel. He sighed. Martin and his mom will never get along well together. They've always been like this since... ever. Especially when the incident about their dad's death happened their fight went to a whole new level. Martin believes his sister while their mom doesn't.

"Helen" he called. He never really called their mom as 'mom'.

"How is he?" Helen asked.

"He's okay" he answered.

"Of course he's not okay" Martin suddenly said. "He's been like that since dad died. And besides, how can he be okay when his dad was murdered and his only sister is the suspect for the stupid case?"

Carter-Jeremiah and Helen looked at Martinn. They both know that Martin would never say such thing if it wasn't true. Martin is so sensitive he knows when a person is angry or sad or depressed.

"Did I miss something exciting?" Kenneth asked from the stairs. He's wearing a white shirt and jeans.

the three of them immediately noticed Kenneth's hand but they didn't say a word about it.

"No, you didn't little bro" Martin said as he removed his earphones which was not turned on so he can really hear every conversation around him. "Come on, let's see if Troy was able to convince our baby girl to accept the help he was offering"

Kenneth smiled at the thought that Martin also knows that their baby sister is too stubborn to accept any help from a stranger. "Yeah, let's go"

The two of them used Kenneth's car to go to Troy's law firm to check on how things are going on with their baby girl.