Summary: You wouldn't give her your attention, so she got it from somewhere else.

You never gave her any attention. She was always staring at you, wishing you would notice her, but you wouldn't.

She was the shy quiet girl who was subtly beautiful. You were the quarterback on your school football team. Everyone loved you, because you were that gorgeous jock.

She was always there for you, helping you when you popped out your shoulder during one of your football games. She didn't care that you played football, she just cared about you. And you didn't care.

She would have done anything for your attention, at one point she would have even changed herself. All she wanted was your attention, and you couldn't give it to her.

She wasn't a slut, she wasn't a cheerleader, and she wasn't popular. So of course you couldn't give her your attention, self-image is everything after all.

She tried so hard to be the girl you wanted. But she was only your side friend.

The girl you went to when something went wrong, the girl you talked to privately, the girl you got tutored from. She was just that nameless girl who you wouldn't be caught dead talking to in public, other than for tutoring.

The only other person who knew about her was your own best friend. He was the only one you would trust enough to tell about her. He didn't laugh at you, because he had a heart. He saw how great she was, something you couldn't see.

He told you constantly that she was really great, and you wouldn't listen. He was just saying that, obviously. Because you knew better, didn't you? He was your side-kick in the popularity crowd. You guys ran the school together, and he obviously wanted to run it alone, that's why he wanted you to be seen in public with her. Right?

There was no way she was really as fantastic as he made her seem. No way.

But slowly you started to notice it.

You noticed how her hair was a really soft gold, almost like honey, and hung down in ringlets down her back. You noticed how she laughed when she was with close friends, but stood back in the crowd when she was in public. You noticed how she helped all the kids who were bullied. She would be there afterward, a shoulder to lean on for them. You really noticed when she stopped paying so much attention to you.

It didn't strike you too quickly, because it always took you a little while to catch on. You didn't notice for a while that she started missing some of your tutoring lessons, because it was just another free Saturday for you, right?

You didn't notice when she started to dress a little nicer, well you did, but you didn't know it wasn't for you. You didn't notice the looks she sent your best friend.

You especially didn't notice the looks he sent her.

And you really didn't notice that she was finally done trying to get your attention.

But once she stopped, all you could think about was: why?

She didn't stop coming to your football games, but she stopped coming for you. You noticed when you threw the winning touchdown she wasn't shouting your name, no, she was cheering for your best friend. The same best friend that tried to tell you how great she really was.

Then you started noticing that they actually go out in public together. How he would walk her to classes, even if he wasn't in her class that hour. You saw that he would stand up for her when a catty girl would insult her. You saw your best friend in love.

You saw her in love too, and the problem? She wasn't in love with you anymore, but with him.

And you noticed too late.

By the time you realized your own feelings, you realized she moved on.

And that didn't sit well will you. So you did what you do best, and confronted her, in front of a large crowd, of course.

You shouted out her name in the cafeteria, "So you get over me and move on to my best friend? Some slut you are!"

She looked absolutely hurt by your remark and embarrassed by the laughing crowd. She walked up to you and whispered a quiet, "What?"

"You heard me! I know you love him. I know, and you can't keep it from me. Don't act like you didn't have a thing for me all through high school. You realized you couldn't get me, so you moved to my best friend! Must really have a thing for jocks, don't you?" Your words rung loud and clear for the whole cafeteria to hear. You know how harsh your words are, but you didn't care. She hurt you, and she deserved to be hurt too.

She looked absolutely livid by then. And you can't help but notice how beautiful she looked when her baby blue eyes light up, or the fact that she never got mad at you before.

"You know what?" she cried. "I thought I liked you, I thought I even loved you! I saw you freshman year help a mentally challenged boy out when he got picked on. I thought you were so sweet, and that's when I started liking you. Then I finally got to tutor you, and I realized you weren't the guy I thought you were."

You're actually surprised by that. She actually liked you four years ago? You were just estimating a time, trying to embarrass her. Then you realize that it was actually an insult, and she never answered your accusations.

"Oh yeah? I'm not the boy I was freshman year? Tell me, baby, what am I now?" You mock her with your words.

"No! You're not! You're rude, selfish, cruel, and just a jerk. I thought I liked you, but then I realized you didn't want to be seen in public with me unless it was tutoring. And guess what? Your best friend did. So yes, I love him. And I never told him, but thanks to you, everyone knows." And with that she ran out of the crowd, tears streaming down her face.

You could hear the whispers among the crowd, and the laughing of some of the girls. Then you saw your best friend rush from the crowd while shouting shut up to anyone who was laughing.

You made your way to the direction of which way she went, not exactly sure what you were going to do, but your feet taking you anyways.

But you stopped short when you heard the muffled sobs. You were just about to go find her when you hear your best friend's voice, calling out her name.

You hear him tell her it's okay, and that you were a jerk. He told her all the things you should have been telling her. How beautiful she is, how kind she is, how much she means to you. And in the end you hear her telling him how she loves him so much.

After that, you don't hear much. So you peak around the corner, and see them kissing, softly and gently, like they have all the time in the world. They break apart and whisper "I love you," with their foreheads touching.

And that's when you realized you really lost her. You lost the girl who actually was worth your time. You lost the girl, because you didn't realize how great she was. You lost the girl because you wouldn't give her your attention, and so she found it somewhere else.

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