alive in my headphones

through these jaded days and broken pices of the old me float amilessly through myself.
only one thing regains my sanity.
if the music plays loud enough my thoughts canot entrude,
in what im trying to destroy the pices of the old broken me
music keeping my heart pulsing with the thrum of the music
my breath exhaling with the drums my eyes blinking with the guitar.
my life fallowing the beat.

when the song ends or i must leave it behind
i slowly fade away my life left in the headphones
my eyes fade and heart slow heat fading from my bones.
brittle and breaking with every step

the louder the less room for the thoughts of you that i cannot escape.
the stronger the beat the more my heart rumbles.
my voice growing stronder with the lyrics.
screaming the words of another life.
trying to escape from my own.

my end is gone.
when i have the headphones on im alive only in the world of music
parents calling me away
trying to turn off my life in the headphones
the bands and sounds are the only things that understand me
the me that needs them to survive.

bring me alive
medicine from my headphones
music to live for im only alive in my