My Heart

I think I may have killed you a hundred times in my head.

But I think I've killed myself a hundred times more. In this

twisted world, all I can do is look out for myself. How many

times has my heart been broken? Broken by you? It is shattered

and fractured beyond repair. Did you ever actually love me?

Actually care for me? Should I die? Could I die? Would you miss

me if I did? I doubt it. For our love was a fire. Shy and timid one

moment, then burning with passion and rage. But now, it is a dying

ember, and we dance around each other. You are the knight in

shining armor. And me? The dragon sleeping. I guard my heart and

the ones I love, my barriers are weak, but will anyone try to bring them

down?What have I done? What have I done... The silence is uncomfortable.

It would have been better if we had stayed as friends. However, I'm

glad that we took the chance, even if it meant that I lost you in the end.

A/N: Yeah... I don't know, I thought of this during and after church. ^.^ hehe... my bad...