A Knight's Lullaby

My sweet darling knight

Come to me and rest your head

Smile softly as you fall asleep

Dream only of the sweetest things

You are not alone

I am always here with you

Please don't shed any tears

I'll protect you always

The sweetness of your voice

Proves you are no monster

Just listen please

As I sing to you

I wish for you to sleep gently

Don't think of the day's deed

Rest your head as I sing for you

My sweet darling knight

Don't let your dark take your light

As you won't be who you are

This night that you're with me

Listen to my sweet voice

As you lay here with me

I wish to rid you of

Such thoughts of darkness

Precious knight of the moon

Wash away your sweet tears

Come to me, fall asleep this night

May you rest easy

To the sound of my voice

As I sing this to you

My beloved knight